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3 Conifer Cordial Recipes for Winter Wellness | Herbal Academy | Learn about three different types of conifer trees and their wellness benefits, as well as how to use them in three conifer cordial recipes! 
  ON November 15,2019

3 Conifer Cordial Recipes for Winter Wellness

The fresh scent and sight of conifers symbolize winter and the coming of colder months. Conifers have long provided habitat for animals and materials humans use for shelter, clothing, tools, and transportation, and they have also provided food for animals and humans as well. But did you know that they have also been used in…

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DIY Fever-Cooling Tea for Uncomfortably Hot Bodies | Herbal Academy | Learn about 4 herbs that are useful in cooling the body when a fever is present and get a recipe for a DIY fever-cooling tea blend as well!
  ON September 26,2019

DIY Fever-Cooling Tea for Uncomfortably Hot Bodies

When cold and flu season arrives, herbs can help to support the body in a number of ways. One way herbs offer support is through strengthening the immune system so it can better defend the body against viruses. Another way they can offer support to the body as it deals with common symptoms is to…

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DIY Garlic Honey for For Cold & Flu Season Preparation | Herbal Academy | It’s easy to feel defenseless against unseen pathogens during cold and flu season, but having some garlic honey on hand will help you to be better prepared!
  ON September 21,2019

DIY Garlic Honey for Cold & Flu Season Preparation

We all know cold and flu season is coming when the temperature begins to steadily decrease and we start to hear sniffly noses, scratchy throats, and coughing all around us.  Cold and flu season can come on rather quickly, affecting significant portions of the community at once. However, this time of year tends to be…

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4 of the Best Herbs for Pink Eye | Herbal Academy | Looking for herbs to help soothe the discomfort of pink eye and ease symptoms faster? Here's are some of the best herbs for this common childhood ailment.
  ON August 02,2019

4 of the Best Herbs for Pink Eye

When we think of common childhood ailments, pink eye ranks up there with winter colds and summer abrasions. I think back on the time I had pink eye, when I was 7 years old, and how my itchy eyes would stick together every morning. The thing I remember most is the drops my mum would…

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How To Make A Summer Garden Bath Tea | Herbal Academy | A summer garden bath tea is a great way to unwind. Here are our top five herbs to include plus tips for planting, growing, and harvesting these herbs too!
  ON July 15,2019

How To Make A Summer Garden Bath Tea

What’s better than unwinding into a summer garden bath tea? Much like drinking herbal teas, herbal bath teas can also be enjoyed long past the last sip, or in this case, soak. You see, when you soak in a relaxing herbal bath tea, not only does your skin soak in the calming, stress-relieving herbal benefits,…

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