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New Moon Herbal Mix Recipe for New Beginnings | Herbal Academy | This article will discuss the energy of the New Moon and how to support yourself with herbs during this internal time in the lunar cycle.
  ON September 20,2023

New Moon Herbal Mix Recipe for New Beginnings

The New Moon, the time in which the moon is occluded from our earthly vision due to its position in the sky between the Sun and Earth, is commonly understood as a time for new beginnings. If the Full Moon is a time for fruition and manifestation, the New Moon is the time to light…

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  ON August 04,2023

3 Ways to Use Your Summer Rose Harvest

Roses are red, violets are blue, we’ve got three herbal rose (Rosa spp.) recipes for you! This ever-so-classic flower is a staple in Valentine’s Day bouquets. It’s a gesture of love and serves as a universal symbol of romance for good reason. This is a heart-opening, uplifting, and aphrodisiac herb – and it’s also a…

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  ON July 17,2023

How to Make a Rose, Grapefruit, and Ginger Mocktail

The whole second half of summer is ours to celebrate! Let’s make sure that we squeeze the most out of the hot sunny days and enjoy the expansive energy that comes with summer and the season’s extended daylight hours by making an herbal deliciousness like this Rose, Grapefruit, and Ginger Mocktail. The higher sun and…

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  ON May 30,2023

The Herbal Kitchen: Paprika

In this book excerpt from The Herbal Kitchen, author and herbalist Kami McBride highlights an herb common in our kitchen – paprika! – and shares three culinary herbal oil recipes that present this herb as the star of the show and provide an easy and inviting way to season your cooking with this tasty and beneficial spice. Packed full of…

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  ON May 23,2023

How to Make A Wildflower Cordial

Blooms and bubbles–a delightful spring experience awaits you via the fascinating method of fermentation. Wildflowers (or garden flowers!) and their accompanying unique wild yeasts are submerged into a bath of sugar water and, with a bit of time, the magic of fermentation yields a fizzy, delicious refreshment, perfect for sipping on the porch. Let’s make…

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