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  ON March 24,2020

Dark and Stormy Mushroom Bitters Recipe

There are plenty of ways that mushrooms can be used to support digestive health and vitality. One such way is through their bitter properties.  Yes! Some mushrooms have a bitter flavor, and these mushrooms can be used to create mushroom bitters just as you would use bitter tasting plants to create herbal bitters. In this…

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smoke and burnt trees
  ON January 27,2020

Herbal Support for Wildfire Crisis

Our hearts are saddened by the great pain and loss our Australian friends are suffering since the recent bushfire crisis. The unprecedented fire season has seen fatalities, wide-spread destruction of property and habitat, and the displacement and injury of multitudes of people and animals. We here at the Herbal Academy are so thankful that our…

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How to Ring in the New Year with Herbs | Herbal Academy | Learn how to embrace wellness during the new year with herbs as part of a holistic paradigm.
  ON December 31,2019

How to Ring in the New Year with Herbs

Happy New Year! As we say goodbye to another decade, many of us have our eyes lifted toward the future with dreams of vitality and peace. As herbalists, we are always looking to live our lives from a holistic perspective, and we are excited to celebrate and embrace wellness during the new year with herbs…

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