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Make a Fermented Pine Needle Soda That is Bursting With Winter Flavors by Herbal Academy
  ON January 03,2024

Make a Fermented Pine Needle Soda That is Bursting With Winter Flavors

Not just any soda! This pine needle soda recipe makes a delightful drink that is bursting with winter flavors: pine, ginger, and citrus, as well as aromatic herbs, which really shine during this cold season. Making your own soda at home can seem a little overwhelming or advanced at first—maybe you’ve heard stories of over-fermented…

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  ON August 09,2023

A Refreshing Basil & Thyme Coconut Water Limeade

If you are reading this in mid to late summer, depending on the part of the globe where you reside, the summer heat may be as strong as it gets. This means that staying hydrated during this time is more important than ever. But we hear you—drinking plain water in the necessary amount of 2-3…

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  ON July 17,2023

How to Make a Rose, Grapefruit, and Ginger Mocktail

The whole second half of summer is ours to celebrate! Let’s make sure that we squeeze the most out of the hot sunny days and enjoy the expansive energy that comes with summer and the season’s extended daylight hours by making an herbal deliciousness like this Rose, Grapefruit, and Ginger Mocktail. The higher sun and…

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  ON April 13,2023

Aviva Romm’s Gentle Evening Tea

We are delighted to welcome Dr. Aviva Romm, physician, herbalist, mother, and midwife, as she shares this gentle evening tea, a calming blend that makes every evening a celebration! In this blend, Aviva includes three familiar herbs and shares her blend in the video below. Aviva is the author of multiple books, including Hormone Intelligence,…

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  ON April 11,2023

Rosemary Gladstar’s Uplifting Herbal Tea Blend Recipe

We are delighted to have renowned herbalist Rosemary Gladstar share a joyful and uplifting tea blend recipe that is her personal favorite! In this blend, Rosemary includes some common and familiar herbs in proportions that can be easily adjusted depending on the desired herbal benefits. In the video below, Rosemary tells us a little about…

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