Clinical Herbalist Path Package

Clinical Herbalist Path Package

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Do you have your heart set on an herbal career? Do you dream of supporting clients or developing an herbal product line, and are you ready to dig deep into your new craft? Do you want to start with the basics, establish a strong foundation, and grow into your potential as an empowered and knowledgeable herbalist with advanced level skills?

This online clinical herbalist course package is presented by some of the most brilliant minds in modern herbalism and is absolutely packed with everything from seasonal recipes and in-depth plant monographs to anatomy, physiology, and herbs for common imbalances, to legal considerations and case studies. 

If your goal is to become a clinical herbalist, we encourage you to pair this coursework with a mentorship alongside a practicing professional herbalist, with the understanding that obtaining hands-on clinical hours—and even additional course training—is advised before opening your own practice. (Don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging! The package includes recommendations for how to best acquire this hands-on training.) 

As our most extensive package, we’ve combined our online Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced Herbal Courses so you can purchase them at once and save with bundle pricing. All of our courses are self-paced with Lifetime Access* – allowing you to study whenever is most convenient for your schedule.

Embrace your herbal calling today with the Clinical Herbalist Path Package!

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All across the world, clinical herbalists spend their days sharing time-tested herbal wisdom with their clients and communities. Some herbalists also formulate custom products for their clients—carefully blending, measuring, and infusing the perfect herbal recipes. Others may feel called to specialize in a specific client group, like females or elders, or to focus on a type of condition, like digestive upset or hormonal support. Perhaps you’ll choose not to work with clients at all, but rather to pour your passion into developing a unique herbal product line, opening an herb store, or teaching the next generation of aspiring herbalists. 

There are many roads you can take when becoming a professional herbalist, but all of them require an in-depth understanding of the plants you will use.

We hope you’re ready to dig in and truly transform your understanding of ancient herbs combined with modern science because this is our most extensive and robust online herbalism path! When you’re finished with this clinical herbalist course package, you will be well on your way to having the advanced level foundation needed to become a well-trained, practicing herbalist and share your unique gifts with the world. 

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Marlene Adelmann Founder of Herbal Academy


Ready to get started in the wild and wonderful world of herbalism? Build a strong foundation and learn the basics of herbalism with our classic beginner’s herbalism class, the Introductory Herbal Course. This beloved online course for beginning herbalists features 34 content-rich written lessons supplemented with nearly 80 recipes along with quizzes, handouts, charts, beautiful illustrations and photographs, professional videos, an exclusive students-only community, access to herbal teachers, and all the other amenities of a modern online classroom. 

Introductory Herbal Course - beginners herbal course


  • Introduction to the herbal approach and world healing traditions
  • Sourcing and storing high-quality herbs
  • Step-by-step instructions for making teas, tinctures, syrups, salves, infused oils, vinegars, and other time-tested herbal preparations
  • Herbal actions and terms: from “adaptogen” to “tonic” and everything in between
  • Basic human anatomy
  • Introduction to herb gardening, foraging, and plant identification
  • Herbal support for immunity, stress, sleep, reproductive health, natural skincare, and more
  • Herbs for children
  • And more!

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Now that you have laid the groundwork for creating an herbal home, the Intermediate Herbal Course will take you beyond the basics with an additional 59 in-depth written lessons, 175+ recipes, 150 plant monographs, and numerous handouts, charts, videos, quizzes, and exercises to further your herbal studies.

how to start an herbal business - Business Herbal Course


  • Herbal first-aid: Bites, stings, burns, rashes, wounds, and more 
  • What is an herbal action? Decoding labels like “expectorant” or “sedative”
  • Introduction to energetics: dry, warm, moist, cool, etc. 
  • Food as the foundation of wellness: kitchen spices, pantry potions, and more
  • How to formulate your own multi-herb recipes
  • Side effects and safety considerations
  • Herbs for children
  • In-depth units with anatomy, plant profiles, charts, and dozens of recipes specifically related to:
    • The digestive system 
    • The immune system
    • The nervous system
    • The cardiovascular system
    • The liver
    • The respiratory system
    • The urinary system

Learn more about the Intermediate Herbal Course

The in-depth Advanced Herbal Course will elevate your studies to a professional level. Taking approximately 500 hours to complete, this robust online herbalism course features 78 text-based lessons written by some of the most brilliant minds in modern herbalism along with printable charts and downloads, case studies, exclusive videos, and more.

Herbal Academy Clinical Herbalist Course


  • Introduction to herbal history and traditions
  • Phytochemistry and herb-drug interactions
  • Evaluating herbal research
  • Working with elders
  • Weight management
  • Holistic approach to healing
  • Assessment and herbal therapeutics
  • Advanced formulation
  • Making and selling herbal products
  • Establishing a clinical practice
  • Understanding legal guidelines for making herbal products and working with clients
  • In-depth units with anatomy and physiology, plant profiles, and charts specifically related to:
    • Blood, lymph, and mucous membranes
    • The endocrine system
    • Sexual and reproductive health and wellness
    • The musculoskeletal system
    • Pain management

Learn more about the Advanced Herbal Course

Save by bundling these three courses together via the Clinical Herbalist Path Package!

Community Herbalism - Teaching as an Herbalist


What kind of certificate will I receive and will I be a certified herbalist?
Upon completion of any of our foundational courses, you’ll receive a certificate of completion suitable for framing that states you’ve completed the course under the direction of the Herbal Academy. You will receive a certificate after successfully completing each individual course.

Note that because the field of herbalism is not officially regulated by any specific set of standards or governing body in the United States, certification is a tricky subject. While one can study in herbalism courses for a certificate of completion, one cannot become a “certified herbalist.” We discuss this topic in this article, which you may find helpful:

The practice of herbalism is protected by the first amendment right to free speech. An herbalist cannot treat, cure, diagnose, prescribe, or see patients, instead, they can educate clients about dietary and lifestyle habits and make suggestions for herbs that will help balance the body and support wellness.

After taking this course, can I become a Registered Herbalist with the American Herbalists Guild (AHG)?
Our courses will provide study hours on such foundational topics as history and herbal traditions, materia medica, botany, anatomy and physiology, therapeutics, and practice management that are required educational topics for becoming an AHG Registered Herbalist. See AHG’s recommended areas of study here: 

Depending on how extensive the student’s herbal background is, additional advanced training hours may likely be needed to fulfill the AHG requirement of 800 study hours. In addition, students need to seek out 400 hours of hands-on training under the guidance of an experienced herbalist or mentoring program to gain the clinical experience needed. Of course, the AHG review process will evaluate a student’s proficiency in herbalism, including a working knowledge of an extensive materia medica as well as case studies gained through hands-on experience, and is not just based on study hours. You can read more about the AHG requirements, including their two-step application process and the detailed requirements for both steps, here:

How long will it take me to complete this course package?
All of our online herbalism courses are self-paced, which gives you the flexibility to study whenever your schedule allows. Everyone studies at a different rate, but we have found that the average completion time is approximately 125 hours for the Introductory Herbal Course, 175 hours for the Intermediate Herbal Course, and 500 hours for the Advanced Herbal Course, which is a combined 800 hours for the Clinical Herbalist Path PackageBecause our courses are self-paced, there are no live lectures to attend and students have access to their courses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

What materials will I need?
You will need an internet connection to access course materials along with a computer, tablet, or smartphone. You will also want to have a writing utensil and notebook to keep notes (our Materia Medica Journal is a great resource for this!). You may like to purchase herbs, oils, butters, waxes, and containers for any of the recipes that you choose to make. This package comes with discounts to a variety of online herb suppliers to help make your studies more affordable!

Do I need to purchase textbooks for this package?
Textbooks are an optional add-on for students who also want the course material in book form. You can purchase the Introductory and Intermediate Herbal Course Textbooks separately via our Goods Shop. (We do not offer textbooks for the Advanced Herbal Course at this time.) After you register, log in to your student account to receive significant student savings on textbook upgrades. Students enrolled in the Clinical Herbalist course receive $150 off the price of the Introductory Herbal Course textbook and $298 off the price of the Intermediate Herbal Course textbook.

When can I get started?
After you purchase the course, it will be available via your Student Dashboard immediately. Simply click the “start course” button for a given course to begin your studies!

How long will I have access to the course materials?
You will receive Lifetime Access* to your courses. Simply press the “start course” button in your Student Dashboard when you wish to begin each program! You can also download all course materials as PDFs for future reference.

Does this package include video content?
Yes! Our courses have videos sprinkled throughout to help supplement the written material. However, videos are not the primary medium through which our courses are taught. The Clinical Herbalist course package features approximately 21 hours of video content altogether, and each video comes with a video transcript.

Can I take this course if I don’t live in the United States?
Our classroom is truly a global classroom. We are honored to have students joining us in class from around the world. Herbal Academy courses offer a wide range of information about plants, and much of the information will be applicable outside of the United States.

Is this course available in any other languages?
No. At this time, our courses are only available in English. 

Still have questions? Check out our in-depth FAQ page or our Right Fit Assessment Guide for more details! 

Herbal Academy Clinical Herbalist Course- Clinical Herbalist Path Package

I’m ready to become a Clinical Herbalist – let’s get started!

Testimonials from Class

“I am studying herbalism to further my career. I am almost finished with a doctorate in naturopathic medicine and there is very little information about herbs in the program. Out of 20 years of study, hands down, the Herbal Academy has taught me more about herbs in the first unit than all of the years of doing it on my own. This is the only course I have ever taken that I actually look forward to every day! I love it!”
– Sandi, Student
“Thank you for providing such comprehensive training and notes. Earlier today I was in a discussion regarding migraine headaches, and I knew exactly what would help. Not only was I able to give them herbal options to help alleviate their condition, but I was able to give them references to studies and further research. All because of your easily set out, comprehensive training materials. So, thank you.”
– Natalie, Aromatic Insights
“I am new to herbalism, but I studied to become a dietician and was always interested in learning more about herbs. I took the Clinical Herbalist course path in order to complement my work as a plant-based dietician. I really love the Herbal Academy and the courses!!”
– @kissedhealth, Student
“I am in love with the science behind it. I have searched the internet looking for a course that can take me in-depth in plant parts and anatomy. I’m so happy I found you guys. The best part is even though it’s an online course, I don’t feel alone at all! You are there every step of the way. Thank you so much for that!”
– Nicole, Student
“I really enjoy this online approach to learning. The Herbal Academy is a very affordable way of increasing your skills as an herbalist while being able to talk with others taking all of the courses from beginners to advanced in their student-only Facebook Group.”
– Thurza Grace Botanicals, Herbal Academy Student
“I love it. Each program builds on the previous one. In the advanced course, I am learning more about the body and it really is interesting and fascinating.”
– Ellen, Advanced Herbal Course Student


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