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In Bloom: Floral Tea Recipe for the Full Moon by Herbal Academy
  ON November 27,2023

In Bloom: Floral Tea Recipe for the Full Moon

For those who pay special attention to the lunar cycles, the Full Moon is commonly recognized as a time for manifestation and fruition. If the New Moon is auspicious for intention setting, rest, and reflection, the Full Moon is the time when our intentions and dreams flower into full form. As author and astrologer, Demetra…

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  ON August 24,2023

Matcha-Lemon Balm Homemade Gummies for Back-to-School

Whether you are an educator, a student, or a parent of students, sometimes it’s helpful to have a little herbal support to transition from summer mode into back-to-school season! While we may let our brains go on vacation over the leisurely summer months, the start of August reminds us that fall (and school, for some)…

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  ON August 09,2023

A Refreshing Basil & Thyme Coconut Water Limeade

If you are reading this in mid to late summer, depending on the part of the globe where you reside, the summer heat may be as strong as it gets. This means that staying hydrated during this time is more important than ever. But we hear you—drinking plain water in the necessary amount of 2-3…

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