4 Herbal Recipes For Everyday Skin Care | Herbal Academy | Check out these four affordable, non-toxic, and easy herbal recipes for everyday skin care that you can incorporate into your daily and weekly routines!
  ON April 26,2017

4 Herbal Recipes For Everyday Skin Care

With farm season and warm weather coming our way and the brisk cold winter air at our backs, stocking the bathroom cabinets with concoctions from the kitchen is one way to be proactive about caring for your exposed outer layer. Skin care is not only a method of self-care and body-love, it also offers preventative…

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How To Roast Herbs For An Herbal Coffee Substitute | Herbal Academy | If you’re looking for an alternative to coffee, the world of herbs offers some great options! Here's how to roast herbs for an herbal coffee substitute!
  ON April 24,2017

How To Roast Herbs For An Herbal Coffee Substitute

If you’re anything like the majority of people in the U.S., you drink coffee on a regular basis—maybe even every day. This isn’t always a bad thing, especially when coffee is consumed in moderation, as it is known to have some health benefits (Liang & Kitts, 2015). But according to the Harvard University Chan School…

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A DIY Herbal Grief Tea For Loss | Herbal Academy | Do you know someone who is going through the grieving process? Show them some support by offering them a beautiful jar of this DIY Herbal Grief Tea.
  ON April 21,2017

A DIY Herbal Grief Tea For Loss

I can honestly say that I have never experienced raw, breath-taking, life-halting grief as some people have. Yes, I’ve lost friends and family, and while some of these losses have taken time to heal, they have healed. Sure, the memories and the feelings of loss are still there, but the grief itself is not. Over…

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What Everybody Ought To Know About Flower Water | Herbal Academy |Do you know flower water is safer to use than essential oils and has a broad range of applications? Here's how to make it!
  ON April 17,2017

What Everybody Ought To Know About Flower Water

Is it a “flower water,” “floral water,” or a “hydrosol/hydrolat”? Although many herbal and cosmetic retailers and websites use the terms “flower water,” “floral water,” and “hydrosol or hydrolat” as synonyms, they are not always the same thing. While there is overlap in these categories, there are flower or floral waters that are not hydrosols…

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How To Grind Herbs In A Coffee Grinder | Herbal Academy | Do you know grinding herbs makes it easier for the medicinal properties to be extracted when making herbal preparations? Here's how to easily grind herbs in a coffee grinder!
  ON April 14,2017

How To Grind Herbs In A Coffee Grinder

As a beginner to herbalism, you will most likely start by learning about common herbs, making basic herbal preparations, and learning how herbs can be used to support or bring balance to the body. However, as you continue on in your herbal journey, you will come across pieces of information that will change how you…

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Pollinator Gardens 101 | Herbal Academy | Learn the importance of pollinators and how you can help them by planting pollinator gardens around your home and in your community!
  ON April 12,2017

Pollinator Gardens 101: Helping Mother Nature

Have you noticed less bees buzzing around or a decrease in monarch butterflies in your area? What about a decrease in hummingbirds or moths? Our earth is in trouble, which puts us in trouble since we depend her pollinators for much of our food. Today, I’d like to share some brief information with you about…

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Sweet Violets of Spring | Herbal Academy | These flowers are the perfect pick for spring gatherers. From using them in food to pressing them for note cards, we have some inspirational ideas for using and enjoying the violets of spring!
  ON April 10,2017

Sweet Violets of Spring

I’m sitting here, looking out the office window over the snow-covered hills and sniffing a wee bottle of violet leaf absolute that arrived a couple months ago in an extravagant birthday basket. It is hard to describe, but Marge Clark of Nature’s Gift has this to say about it: “Intensely green initially, this absolute has…

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DIY Herbal Pet Shampoo and Rinse for Healthy Skin & Fur | Herbal Academy | To help keep your furry friends clean and healthy, here's a simple herbal pet shampoo and rinse to help maintain a healthy coat!
  ON April 07,2017

DIY Herbal Pet Shampoo and Rinse for Healthy Skin & Fur

As the ground begins to thaw, we will be spending more time outdoors with our pets enjoying the warmth of early spring.  And, just like us, our pets will be transitioning from the dryness of winter to the freshness of spring. Since different seasons have different effects on skin, pet owners should be aware of…

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What Exactly Are “Parts” in Herbal Recipes? | Herbal Academy | Using parts in herbal recipes as a measurement really is a simple way to enjoy herbs, allowing for flexibility and ease in herbal crafting!
  ON April 05,2017

What Exactly Are “Parts” in Herbal Recipes?

In the sleepy morning hours, I often find myself brewing a warm pot of tea to accompany me through the day. Spoonfuls of beautiful dried herbs, fragrant and colorful, say their hellos to me as I measure them into the pot. Easily measured out with my trusty spoon, it only takes a moment or two…

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(Survey) Help Us Choose Our Next Short Course! | Herbal Academy | We want to create short courses that meet your needs. Share your thoughts with us in this quick survey!
  ON April 03,2017

(Survey) Help Us Choose Our Next Short Course!

Here at the Herbal Academy, we strive to provide intriguing, thought-provoking, and enjoyable content for our students and followers. In addition to our core Introductory, Intermediate, Entrepreneur, and Advanced Herbal Courses, we are constantly developing new content to keep our students and followers engaged with their herbal education, most recently through providing shorter courses on…

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