What the Spring Equinox Means to the Herbalist | Herbal Academy | For the herbalist, the Spring Equinox is a time for new beginnings, whether with your studies, your health, or your business. Learn more in today's post!
  ON March 15,2018

What The Spring Equinox Means To The Herbalist

Have you ever wondered how our ancient ancestors kept track of time? I suppose the further back in time you go, people were more focused on survival than keeping track of the minutes. However, as people learned about the world around them and cultures began to form and progress, time became an important concept. My…

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DIY Herbal Hair Serum For Silky Soft Hair | Herbal Academy | Are you curious how to attain naturally soft hair? Read on to learn how to make a DIY herbal hair serum for silky soft hair at home.
  ON March 13,2018

DIY Herbal Hair Serum For Silky Soft Hair

There is nothing quite so luxurious as running your hands through silky soft hair. Although you might think you can only achieve this by visiting the salon, you can actually make it happen in your very own home! Making your own herbal-based hair serum is easy, fun, and effective—not to mention free from all of…

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Ayurvedic Uses Of Herbal Oils | Herbal Academy | Do you know the use of herbal oils in Ayurveda is quite extensive? Here's an introduction to more common Ayurvedic uses of herbal oils to get you started!
  ON March 08,2018

Ayurvedic Uses of Herbal Oils

If you enjoy the taste of ghee and the feel of a luscious body oil, it’s for good reason! Not only are fats tasty and skin smoothing, these lipids have the power to tremendously benefit our well-being. In this article, we will largely explore the uses of herbal ghees. You will also be exposed to…

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We’re Having An Herbal Spring Sale & Giveaway! | Herbal Academy | Our entire Goods Shop is on sale just in time for, including our popular Herbal Materia Medica Short Course. Plus, we’re giving away over $300 in prizes. Come shop the sale and enter to win some herbal goodies!
  ON March 06,2018

We’re Having An Herbal Spring Sale & Giveaway!

Spring is on its way, and because we’re looking forward to more sunshine, birds singing, and blossoms blooming, we’re having a Spring Sale & Giveaway to share our excitement with you! Herbal Academy Spring Sale All products in the Herbal Academy Goods Shop have been discounted just in time for Spring! This includes herbal containers…

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Essential Oil Myths And FAQs Answered | Herbal Academy | Separate fact from fiction when an aromatherapist addresses common essential oil myths and faqs in this post.
  ON March 01,2018

Essential Oil Myths And FAQs Answered

With all of the information in circulation regarding essential oils, you may find yourself repeatedly running into information that seems too-good-to-be-true or that directly contradicts other information you find. What can you believe? Unfortunately, there is some information out there that is simply incorrect. If you look up “mythbusting essential oil” in a search engine,…

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5 Ways To Clean With Lemons | Herbal Academy | Do you love the fresh smell of lemons? You can have a clean, sparkling home with these 5 effective ways to clean with lemons!
  ON February 27,2018

5 Ways to Clean with Lemons

I crave the feelings of satisfaction and coziness that comes after giving my home a thorough cleaning. When the carpets look lush, the floors are shiny, and everything’s in its place, I feel peaceful and calm! And the best part? When I’ve cleaned my home the green way, with safe, natural cleaners, those feelings of…

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How to be an Environmentally Sustainable Herbalist | Herbal Academy | Here are 4 ways you can be an environmentally sustainable herbalist by being mindful of where plants we use come from and how they are grown.
  ON February 22,2018

How to be an Environmentally Sustainable Herbalist

Herbalists often come to this enchanting practice via a connection to plants and care for the earth. Many will find that the study of plants and their benefits leads to the development of a connection on a deeper level. From this blooms a relationship that often looks beyond what plants can do for us, and…

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Biphasic Formulation 101 | Herbal Academy | Interested in learning more about balancing the menstrual cycle? A biphasic formulation is one way to positively change menstrual symptoms for good.
  ON February 20,2018

Biphasic Formulation 101

Many females simply write off their menstrual symptoms as part of who they are as a female. It’s simply  “that time of the month” again and there’s “nothing I can do about it.” Although we should recognize and respect the menstrual cycle and the patterns we notice within, there are ways to positively change and…

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How to Incorporate Reiki Therapy into Your Holistic Wellness Routine | Herbal Academy | Whether you already have a wellness routine or are looking to create self-care practice, here's how to incorporate Reiki therapy into your life.
  ON February 15,2018

How to Incorporate Reiki Therapy into Your Holistic Wellness Routine

Self-care is essential to our overall health, happiness, and wellbeing. But what comprises a wellness routine, and how can we incorporate Reiki therapy and other alternative approaches into it? Whether you already have an established wellness routine or are looking to create a holistic self-care practice, incorporating Reiki therapy can have wide-reaching positive impacts on…

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8 Podcasts Herbalists Will Want To Listen To | Herbal Academy | Looking to further your herbal journey? We hope you find some time to listen to these herbal podcasts and that they help inspire and educate you!
  ON February 13,2018

8 Podcasts Herbalists Will Want To Listen To

Whether you’re in the car, folding laundry, or hiking in the woods, podcasts are a great way to learn from other experts on a variety of subjects, and herbalism is no exception. Herbal podcasts are an easily accessible source of information on individual herbs, interviews with herbalists of a specific topic, or learning about a…

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