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Kid-Friendly Body Care (Family Herbal Summer Series: Part 5) | Herbal Academy | Join us for some good, squeaky clean fun making kid-friendly body care!
  ON August 01,2016

Kid-Friendly Body Care (Family Herbal Summer Series: Part 5)

It’s week five for our super fun Family Herbal Summer Series, and I am so glad your family is joining us. This week we get to incorporate all of our learning into good, squeaky-clean fun by making kid-friendly body care! Herbs are great fun to use in body care products, easily lending their beneficial properties…

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Family Wildcrafting (Family Herbal Summer Series: Part 3) | Herbal Academy | Join us on an herbal adventure as we discover the joys of family wildcrafting!
  ON July 06,2016

Family Wildcrafting (Family Herbal Summer Series: Part 3)

Welcome to week 3 of our special Family Herbal Summer Series! This week it is time to get out and explore the world of herbalism in the wild with some family wildcrafting. Many useful and wonderful herbal plants grow in the wild places of the world and herbalists often adore finding their green friends growing…

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Botany for Herbalists (Family Herbal Summer Series: Part 1) | Herbal Academy | Welcome to our family herbal summer series for kids and parents! Let's explore herbs in an engaging way that will help families learn about herbs together!
  ON June 06,2016

Botany for Herbalists (Family Herbal Summer Series: Part 1)

Welcome to our Family Herbal Summer Series for kids and parents! I am so happy you are here! This week I want to introduce you and your child to my friend “Herb,” and we’ll be covering some basic botany for herbalists, too. Don’t worry, though. Everything is broken down into small sections to make it…

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The Herbal Academy Herbal Summer School Workshop Bundle
  ON May 16,2022

Herbal Summer School Workshop Bundle

Summer break is here, and hopefully, that means more time for creative, hands-on projects that nurture your passions! Our herbal educators have had a blast bringing some of their favorite herbal activities to THREE new and exciting summer workshops that will inspire you to keep your plant studies going strong all summer long. These workshops are short, sweet, and most importantly—fun! So much fun, in fact, that you probably won’t even feel like you’re learning!

Sign up for your favorite herbal workshop individually, or bundle all three together with $10 off on your registration. The Herbal Summer School Workshops Bundle includes: 

  1. Tea Blending 101 Workshop – doors open June 7, 2022
  2. Flower Pressing for Herbalists Workshop – doors open June 21, 2022
  3. Botanical Mixed Drinks Workshop – doors open July 5, 2022 

You’ll be able to start each workshop via your Student Dashboard on the day it goes live. 

Each workshop comes with an optional companion product to enhance your herbal exploration, such as a Tea Blending Booklet, a Field Flower Press, and a Botanical Mixed Drinks Recipe Booklet. Choose the “Workshops with Products” option if you’d like to get all workshop companions delivered right to your doorstep. 

If you’re ready to get an herbal-infused summer education like never before, then join us in our Herbal Summer School Workshop series!  

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  ON April 29,2022

Herbal Academy Student Feature: Shannon Mulligan-Mayernik (@mayernikkitchen)

For our Student Feature series, we recently interviewed Herbal Academy graduate, Shannon Mulligan-Mayernik (@mayernikkitchen). Shannon and her husband own Mayernik Kitchen, an herbal apothecary located in Northern New Jersey. They grow over 50+ medicinal herbs on their herb farm in Sussex County, NJ, which they use to create plant medicines. They offer a wide range…

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  ON December 31,2021

Herbal Academy Student Feature: Jake Lasorsa (@meadowroot)

This month’s student interview features Herbal Academy graduate, Jake Lasorsa of (@meadowroot). We enjoyed hearing about Jake’s path into herbalism as a personal chef and how he now incorporates herbs into his handmade soap business Meadowroot. Jake has completed Herbal Academy’s Entrepreneur Herbalist Path Package.  HA: Please tell us a little bit about yourself and…

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  ON November 01,2021

Herbal Academy Student Feature: Liz Witter (@backcountry_botanicals)

We sat down with Herbal Academy graduate, Liz Witter (@backcountrybotanicals), to hear more about her path into herbalism and her herbal business. She currently owns and operates Backcountry Botanicals out of her home in Kanab, UT, where she distills essential oils from desert plants, and makes wildcrafted personal care products. Liz has taken Herbal Academy’s…

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