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3 Supportive Uses for Peppermint You Need to Know by Herbal Academy
  ON May 03,2024

3 Supportive Uses for Peppermint You Need to Know

A cheerful mint whose flavor and aroma have inspired candy canes, chewing gum, breath mints, and holiday goodies of all sorts, the uses for peppermint (Mentha x piperita) leaf as a versatile herb with numerous botanical benefits and usages are many. With a long history among Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Chinese, and Japanese cultures, peppermint is…

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5 Herbs for Mental Health Support by Herbal Academy
  ON January 10,2024

5 Herbs for Mental Health Support

It’s that time of year again. The seasons are shifting, and while we savor the beauty of changing seasons, some also mourn the end of warm weather as the clouds roll in and the cooler weather settles. Many people struggle with mental health issues, and oftentimes these feelings can seem amplified in the wintertime. Note:…

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  ON June 13,2023

Anise vs. Anise Hyssop: What’s the Difference?

It is easy to make the mistake of thinking that the name anise is just an abbreviation for the anise hyssop plant. Many people assume that they are the same thing, when in fact, they are actually two completely different plants. Both plants share one major characteristic–a rich licorice aroma and flavor–but the fresh plants…

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  ON November 09,2022

How to Correctly Identify and Use Evergreens for Internal and External Use

Attempting to correctly identify evergreen trees can be challenging. Evergreens get their name because the leaves, or needles, stay “green forever.” No matter the weather outside, you can always rely on evergreens to be green throughout the seasons. But if you plan on using some parts of the tree for herbalism, it’s important to correctly…

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  ON October 04,2022

5 Autumn Spices for the Herbalist’s Kitchen

I adore autumn, and yet I find it a bittersweet time of year, being the harbinger of the cold, dark days of winter. Whether or not you welcome the transition from the heat of summer to the cool of autumn and winter, adjusting your foods, spices, and herbs to fit the season is one important…

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