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Field Flower Press

Field Flower Press


Locally handmade in Massachusetts, this beautifully engraved flower press makes it easy to preserve your favorite plants. Fill it with purple violet flowers and their heart-shaped leaves in spring, sunny calendula flowers in summer, golden ginkgo leaves in autumn, and any other botanicals that you’d like to preserve for your herbal studies and creative pursuits. 

Pressed plants are a wonderful addition to an herbalist’s materia medica, and they also shine in nature-based craft projects that honor the plants growing all around us. This lovely press can be enjoyed by adults and children alike and is specifically designed to accompany our Flower Pressing for Herbalists Workshop

This 6-x-8-inch press is the perfect compact size to bring with you into the garden or on foraging adventures and nature walks. It features four alternating layers of corrugated cardboard and white paper to expertly absorb the moisture of your handpicked materials. The paper layers are sandwiched between two natural birch covers, one of which features engravings of herb sprigs, flowers, and the Herbal Academy crest.

Held together with four steel screws and nuts, this durable flower press is designed to last for many years.

Pressing flowers, leaves, and other botanicals is a time-tested craft that has been enjoyed for centuries. Use this whimsical press as a way to further your connection with the plants that grow outside your door, and then closely observe the beautifully preserved plant specimens year-round as part of your herbal studies. 

  • Handmade in Massachusetts
  • Press is 6-x-8 inches
  • Durable birch covers
  • Beautiful botanical engravings on the front cover
  • 4 layers of alternating cardboard and white paper
  • 4 steel screws and nuts—one in each corner

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Field Flower Press by Herbal Academy - Flower Pressing Workshop


When pressing plants, you have two main goals. The first goal is to remove as much moisture as possible so your plant specimens retain their color and vibrancy. The second goal is to flatten the plant material in a way that represents their natural shape and form. The best plants to press have a low moisture content and a simple shape, like violets and daisies. Have fun experimenting with different botanicals that you forage, grow, or buy fresh!

To use your Field Flower Press, lay your freshly harvested, dry plant material on top of a piece of white paper (included). Make sure not to overlap your plants. Lay a piece of paper and then a piece of cardboard on top of your plant specimens and repeat this process until your press is full.

Close your press and use the wingnuts to gently tighten the screws on each corner. Do not overtighten your press. Your pressed plants should be done in 2-4 weeks, depending on the humidity of where you live. When they’re done, they should feel brittle and completely dry, while still having retained their color. 

To learn more about how to press various botanicals and then use them in your herbal studies or seasonal craft projects, see our Flower Pressing for Herbalists Workshop.

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