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Tea Blending Booklet

Tea Blending Booklet


Steeping herbal tea is one of the easiest ways to begin enjoying herbs, and knowing how to blend custom teas that support your health is a must-have skill for every herbalist!

This beautifully designed Tea Blending Booklet is the perfect companion for your tea-filled journey, here to assist you in creating your own unique herbal tea blends from the comfort of home. Complete with helpful informational charts, worksheets, recipe cards, and an easy-to-follow tea-blending formula, you will have a compact guide right at your fingertips as you blend, mix, and taste your way to formulating your own herbal teas.

With pages about the benefits of herbal tea, lists of supplies to have on hand, instructions for how to make various types of tea preparations, and charts featuring common herbs used for tea blends (and their best substitutes), this 6-by-8-inch spiral-bound booklet is the ideal accessory to our Tea Blending 101 Workshop!  

In addition to the aforementioned materials, this lovely booklet also contains 31 blank blending worksheets that will help direct you through the process of formulating your own herbal tea blends. We’ve also included an example blending worksheet so you can see how this entire process looks before you get started. After your tea blend is finished, you will find 31 beautifully designed blank recipe cards where you can write down your personal recipes. Feel free to remove these perforated cards from your booklet and store them in a recipe box, binder, or in your materia medica for future reference.

Herbal teas not only increase hydration, but they’re an easy way to take in the water-soluble constituents of plants, which are responsible for some of the many properties and actions that herbs offer us. This Tea Blending Booklet will help you connect with new tea-friendly botanicals, encourage you to level up your herbal skills, and inspire you to do something good for your whole body—all at the same time! 

  • 6.3 x 8″ 
  • 40 perforated pages
  • 31 Blank perforated recipe cards 
  • 31 Blank perforated Blending Worksheet cards
  • Helpful introductory content from the workshop including 1 pre-made sample recipe card

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