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The Herbarium membership - ongoing herbal education

The Herbarium Membership

Sometimes herbal studies can be an isolating endeavor. HANE knows the importance of a strong community of herbalists, from amateurs to gurus!

In The Herbarium, you will mature in your knowledge! Inside these digital walls, you will find complete and constantly updated herbal monographs, photographs, thoughtful articles, educational podcasts, videos, tutorials, and teaching charts.

As part of The Herbarium community, you will have all of these resources right at your fingertips, enriching your life-long journey through herbalism.

The Herbarium membership is open to anyone at $45/year.



This is SO beautiful! I’m looking at the Home page, and it just beckons me, like a sweet hidden garden! I can’t wait to start exploring!!!

– Rebecca L.

I just can’t believe all of this only costs me $3.75 per month!

– Amy, Tenth Acre Farm


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Online Introductory Herbal Course - Access on Mobile Devices

Online Introductory Herbal Course

Have you ever wished you could start your journey into herbal education, but felt you didn’t have the time, resources, or opportunity?

This self study program gives students with little or no herbal experience a glimpse into the world of herbs, kindling an enthusiasm for a lifelong course of learning. By the end of our course we know you will feel more comfortable AND excited about making your own teas, tinctures, and body care products. Get ready to mix up new recipes in the kitchen, use spices and herbs you never knew had medicinal properties, and walk away more inspired to pursue your herbal studies at the intermediate level and beyond!



Wonderful lessons, well paced, and very detailed. I think this is a beautiful, professionally done, and very well laid out course that everyone should do!

– A.P., Student

I feel more empowered and less hesitant about playing with plants.

– J.D., Student


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Online Intermediate Herbal Course - Access on Mobile Devices

Online Intermediate Herbal Course

Have you laid the groundwork for your adventures in the boundless world of herbalism? Our Online Intermediate Herbal Course is the next step you need.

Intended for students with some herbal training, whether that be workshops, the Introductory Herbal Course or self study, we review some basic concepts and expand into various in-depth topics built to grow the herbalist in you!

This program includes intermediate topics such as safety and side effects; discussions about theory and energetics; in-depth coverage of physiology; and guidance for herbal formulation. You will be introduced to many theories and works of some of today’s most revered herbalists. We’ll study many different ways herbalism has been practiced over the centuries and how in recent years we have begun to reclaim these traditions.



We get asked ALL. THE. TIME. about recommendations for herbal schools & online courses. After long hours of researching, we found such an impressive school, that we couldn’t help but enroll ourselves!

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I am in love with the science behind it. I have searched the internet looking for a course that can take me in depth in plant parts and anatomy. I’m so happy I found you guys. The best part is even though it’s an online course, I don’t feel alone at all! You are there every step of the way. Thank you so much for that!

– Nicole, Student


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The Advanced Herbal Course - Enrollment Opens Fall 2015



Advanced Herbal Course

Coming this Fall – it is time to take your herbal studies to the next level! This is a 15 unit course, offered for those students who have either taken our Intermediate Herbal Course or have amassed hands on experience through workshops and self study that has established a solid foundation in becoming a professional herbalist.

Early registration will be offered at the end of the summer at a reduced cost. To receive updates on this program, previews, and be the first to join our exciting Advanced Herbal Course, join our special mailing list.


I recently completed the intermediate course, and absolutely loved it. I was a bit hesitant at signing up for an online course, but I am glad I did. The coursework was well thought out and the resources are endless. I am very excited to see you will be offering an advanced course soon, as I plan to sign up. Cant wait, thank you!

– Alison, graduate


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“The education I have received from HANE has completely transformed my practice. When you enroll in HANE you are immersed in a first class herbal education.”

– Melissa Jones, From Scratch Magazine