Clinical Skills Herbal Course

Clinical Skills Herbal Course

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Do you dream of making a meaningful impact in your community through your herbal knowledge?

Developing your clinical skills can pave the way to sharing your passion with others. Freshly launched, the Clinical Skills Herbal Course is thoughtfully created to cover the nuances of clinical herbal practice. This program is tailored for advanced-level herbal students who aspire to become clinical herbalists – and is the perfect next-step program after completing advanced-level herbalism education such as the Herbal Academy’s Advanced Herbal Course.

Join us on this transformative journey and take the next step towards fulfilling your professional goals in herbalism!


Register for the online course by July 19th, and you will automatically receive our exclusively offered accompanying Clinical Skills Herbal Textbook FREE with enrollment (coupon code SKILLS100). The course textbook features the entire program word-for-word, lesson-for-lesson in print form (minus the videos), valued at $100.


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Do you feel the call to support people with the herbal knowledge you have gathered? Has your herbal education led you to a deep-seated desire to develop our own clinical practice? Is there a future in which you wish to see clients as a clinical herbalist? Have just completed our online Advanced Herbal Course or an equivalent education and are looking for forward progress towards your herbal practice? Or maybe you are already a practicing herbalist and are looking for a means to further your professional development?

If you are answering YES! to these questions then our Clinical Skills Herbal Course is the right path for you. 

Regardless of your background, if you are ready to move into developing your Clinical Skills the Herbal Academy is here to help with our Clinical Skills Herbal Course!


Dozens of herbalists have pooled together their expansive clinical experience and expertise to develop this program to you. These Herbal Academy teachers include brilliant, well-known herbal educators, clinical herbalists, authors, and practitioners of many different herbal traditions.

Lindsey Feldpausch, RH(AHG) - Herbal Academy teacher and herbalistLindsey Feldpausch, RH(AHG)
A clinical herbalist, Programs Coordinator and Lead Herbalist Educator at the Herbal Academy, and member of the Education Advisory Council of the American Herbalists Guild.

Lisa Olson, RH(AHG)
Lead of Course Development and advanced-level Lead Herbalist Educator at the Herbal Academy, clinical herbalist, Ayurvedic health counselor, botanist, gardener, and writer.

Dr. Keren Dolan herbalist and Herbal Academy teacher - RH AHGDr. Keren Dolan, CNS, DCN, LDN, MS, RH(AHG)
American Herbalists Guild Chair of the Board of Directors and Regional Director of National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy.

Pamela Spence, M.A. (Hons), B.Sc. (Hons) M.N.I.M.H
A medical herbalist, writer, and educator based in Scotland. Pamela has written and presented her own BBC series on traditional herbal medicine.

Shona Richter MacDougall RH(AHG) Clinical herbalist, Herbal Academy Student MentorShona Richter MacDougall, RH(AHG)
Clinical herbalist, Herbal Academy Student Mentor, and owner of Earth Rhythm Herbal in central Vermont.

Herbal Academy teacher Matthew Wood MSc An internationally known herbal teacher and author of six popular herbal medicine books, including The Earthwise HerbalMatthew Wood, MSc
An internationally known herbal teacher and author of six popular herbal medicine books, including The Earthwise Herbal collection and The Book of Herbal Wisdom.

And that’s not all! You’ll also learn from…

Alison Birks
Bevin Clare
Bob Linde
Dana Hutchinson
Ember Peters
Jovan Sage
Keren Dolan
Lisa Olson
Lindsey Feldpausch
Shona Richter MacDougall
Stephany Hoffelt

Learn more about our team of educators

This course provides a deep dive into foundational aspects of Clinical Herbal Practice:

Walk the path to becoming a clinical herbalist with the Clinical Skills Herbal Course. This is a comprehensive 3-unit program meticulously designed to help elevate you from an advanced-level student into the realm of practicing clinical herbalist.

  • Physical Assessment
  • Conducting a Clinical Herbal Intake
  • Cultivating a Therapeutic Relationship
  • Writing up a Case Study
  • Formulation
  • Ethics And Legality In Clinical Herbalism
  • Marketing Your Clinical Practice
  • Practice Management: Client Records and Confidentiality
  • Creating an Apothecary for Clinical Practice
  • Self Care for the Clinical Herbalist

As a clinical skills student, you will find highly valuable case studies throughout the course providing a window into the larger clinical concepts found in the lessons. The Clinical Skills Herbal Course is a natural extension of the foundational 125-hour Introductory Herbal Course and 175-hour Intermediate Herbal Course, and 500-hour Advanced Herbal Course supporting the transition from learner to practitioner.

The Clinical Skills Herbal Course is designed to set you up for success, whether you’re hoping to care for your community with your herbal skills, or open a clinic practice as a profession, these lessons will pave the way.

Advanced Herbal Course by Herbal Academy

Your studies align with the pathway to becoming a Registered Herbalist (American Herbalist Guild)

Completion of the 100 hour Clinical Skills Herbal Course will count towards the 800 study hours needed to become a Registered Herbalist (RH) with American Herbalist Guild (AHG). Our Clinical Skills Herbal Course is designed to support the educational standard required for those interested in working toward becoming a professional clinical herbalist. The curriculum provides the type of top-notch clinical education that will support your transition from student herbalist to clinical practitioner. The Clinical Skills Herbal Course provides an overview in how to conduct a consultation, and run a clinical practice from the ground up. All the course lessons have been developed by clinical herbalists designed and developed to support you in the move to your own clinical practice, and onward to gain the 400 hours of hands-on, clinical training you will also need to acquire to apply as a Registered Herbalist.

Herbal Academy Advanced Herbal Course – Herbalism and body systems

Program Details

The Clinical Skills Herbal Course requires students to successfully pass 3 unit quizzes with a score of 80% or higher. In addition to reading and studying the lesson material throughout the course and passing the quizzes at the end of each unit, the course includes unit exercises to be completed on a self-study basis. The unit exercises have been developed to help students engage with and explore lesson content in more detail.

Upon successful passage of all quizzes, students will be notified of their graduation with a signed certificate of completion.

While we recommend spending 1-2 months of serious study in each unit, students have the ability to work at their own pace toward completion of the course and can spend more or less time in each unit. Students will have Lifetime Access* to the online portion of the program. Each of the units, recipes, graphics, and video transcripts are available to download as printable PDF files should students want digital downloads or print copies.

Benefits of this Course


Your enrollment comes with Lifetime Access* to the course so you can enjoy your studies at a pace that is most convenient to you!


The Clinical Skills Herbal Course spans 3 Units and 18 Lessons taught by some of the most brilliant minds in herbalism.


Pass each unit quiz at 80% or greater and receive a signed certificate of completion upon graduation.


Educational video demonstrations and presentations are provided to enrich your learning experience.


Meticulously researched, experience-based clinical knowledge throughout the course.


Students will work on dedicated unit exercises for hands-on learning to engage with and explore lesson content in more detail.


Detailed clinical foundations and step-by-step clinical guidance will help you through the process of developing for your own clinical practice.


PDF downloads of all course lessons, media charts, and video transcripts.


Advanced Herbal Course students will also get access to our thriving private Facebook community, MyHerbalStudies!


We’re with you all along the way! Students have access to course instructors and Academy team members throughout the program.


The Clinical Skills Herbal Course will contribute 100 educational hours toward the training requirements needed for a Professional Membership with the American Herbalists Guild (RH). To learn more about the AHG’s requirements, please visit their website here.


Access to the Herbal Academy’s catalog of discounts, including savings on Mountain Rose Herbs, Anima Mundi, Oshala Farm, United Plant Savers membership, and many other herbal partners.


Advanced Herbal Course textbook

Alongside the course we are so happy to share our Clinical Skills Herbal Course textbooks are available for students who wish to hold this course in their hands! Our textbooks are printed in small batch orders with a local printhouse and bindery. These editions are unabridged, containing the complete course content beautifully bound and gorgeously designed all in a soft-cover textbook.

Clinical Skills Herbal Course Outline

Advanced Herbal Course Textbooks and Clinical Skills Herbal Course- Clinical Skills Herbal Course


Clinical Skills Introduction; Clinical Training and Continuing Education; Useful Resources and Organizations

This first unit covers the resources and organizations that will be important for you to know about as you move forward in your herbal career.

You will learn what to look for when assessing a high-quality, hands-on clinical herbal training program—which is a necessary next step for anyone hoping to work directly with clients or become a Registered Herbalist (RH) with the American Herbalist Guild (AHG)—along with tips for professional networking and developing a referral program.

Herbal Academy Advanced Herbalist Course-02


Physical Assessment; Conducting a Clinical Herbal Intake; Cultivating a Therapeutic Relationship; Writing Up a Case Study; Formulation

Develop the skills needed to meet with clients, conduct a smooth and productive intake interview, and assess clients using tools such as tongue assessment, observation, and careful listening.

Learn how to create advanced herbal formulas based on your assessment and the information you’ve gathered through the interview process, and how to write up a case study after meeting with clients—whether for your records or to share with colleagues or students.

Clinical Apothecary by Herbal Academy


Ethics and Legality in Clinical Herbalism; Introduction to Clinical Practice; Marketing Your Clinical Practice; Practice Management: Client Records and Confidentiality; Creating an Apothecary for Clinical Practice; Self Care for the Clinical Herbalist 

Explore the nuts and bolts of starting a business as a clinical herbalist—how to practice within the legal framework applicable to clinical herbalists, how to go about starting and marketing your practice, maintaining client paperwork and confidentiality, and creating an apothecary for your clinical practice.

You will end this unit, and the course, with a lesson on how you, as a clinical herbalist, can practice self care to ensure your own wellness and ability to care for your clients.


Herbal Academy freshly released Advanced Herbal Course


Clinical Skills Herbal Course Registration!

Course Includes:

✔️ Lifetime access to Clinical Skills Herbal Course
✔️ 18 Clinically Focused Lessons
✔️ Over 16 Videos
✔️ 30+ Downloadable graphics
✔️ Access to MyHerbalStudies students-only Facebook community

Writing copy Herbal Academy clinical intake

Our mission at the Herbal Academy is to provide quality education in herbalism that is both financially accessible and intellectually engaging, that honors our intrinsic connection with nature, and that combines modern science with respect for ancient traditions and knowledge. We wholeheartedly believe that this Advanced Herbal Course exceeds that mission and enables students of herbalism to explore the depths of herbal arts and sciences within a safe and credible framework from the comfort of your own home.

Don’t worry, you won’t be alone in your studies! Our student community will allow you to meet and share with fellow classmates and teachers virtually, including live video discussions, and we, your teachers and trusted guides, are always just an email away to support your journey. You will be a part of a warm and supportive learning experience growing right alongside our ever-growing herbal community, all created to solidify and support your knowledge.

* Lifetime Access is access to the course that you purchased for as long as the particular course is offered by the Herbal Academy. View Terms & Conditions for more detail.


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