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Pumpkin Spice Wellness Benefits You Should Know About | Herbal Academy | Fall equals pumpkin spice season! Learn about pumpkin spice wellness benefits and how to bring that true pumpkin spice flavor into your everyday life.
  ON November 20,2019

Pumpkin Spice Wellness Benefits You Should Know About

It’s officially fall in North America. Many things hearken this wonderful transitional season: cozy sweaters, big scarves, falling leaves, scary movies, and treasured final harvests from vegetable gardens. Few things are more emblematic to the season, however than pumpkin spice. It’s a flavor that many find entirely comforting. Feelings associated with the blend of spices…

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Adaptogen Bliss Balls Recipe & Video | Herbal Academy | Learn some important key points to know about adaptogens and get a delicious recipe and video tutorial for Adaptogen Bliss Balls from our newly updated Introductory Herbal Course!
  ON January 28,2019

Adaptogen Bliss Balls Recipe & Video

Adaptogens are a category of tonic herbs that are often used to keep the general terrain of the body healthy and functioning properly. While there are many types of tonic herbs, adaptogens are often classed as endocrine system tonics, though they can have an effect on other body systems as well. While we’re not going…

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2019 Vegan Spice Guide For Vegan Cooking | Herbal Academy | Using this vegan spice guide can add depth and flavor to your vegan meals and open up a whole new world of opportunity to be creative in the kitchen.
  ON January 17,2019

2019 Vegan Spice Guide For Vegan Cooking

Vegan foods can get a bad rap for being bland and tasteless. In the Western world, meat has become a predominant part of every meal. Many people have become so accustomed to the salty, fatty flavor offered by animal protein that they find it difficult to imagine how a person could subsist on a diet…

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How To Make DIY Herbal Soup Rings | Herbal Academy | Take your water-based foods to the next level by using these herbal soup rings to amp up the flavor and nutritional benefits! Learn to make them in this post.
  ON November 02,2018

How To Make DIY Herbal Soup Rings

Autumn is the season for colored leaves, warm clothes, and hearty comfort foods. And while those things may bring a sense of rest and relaxation, autumn can be a busy time of year. There are sporting events to attend, holiday preparations to make, shorter days to fit everything into, and for many gardeners, food preservation…

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How To Make Pickled Burdock Root | Herbal Academy | Here's a simple recipe for pickled burdock root. By following this recipe, you can preserve some of burdock's beneficial properties to enjoy as a yummy snack year-round.
  ON October 22,2018

How To Make Pickled Burdock Root

The first time I tasted a burdock root pickle, I was helping herbalist Rosemary Gladstar prepare for her demonstration at a Mother Earth News Fair. Rosemary had been traveling all day and had quickly purchased a jar of pickled burdock root for an on-the-go, healthy snack. She handed me the jar with a warm smile…

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