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How To Create A Nourishing Milk Bath For Self Care | Herbal Academy | Would you like to create your own oasis of self care? Let us show you how with this relaxing and nourishing milk bath recipe!
  ON September 15,2017

How to Create a Nourishing Milk Bath for Self Care

Water is an essential element for our physical well being and can be an incredible tool for practicing self care. Of course, you maybe thinking of a steamy natural hot spring or ocean waves lapping on the shore. While each are incredibly relaxing, they are not widely available for most of us in our everyday…

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Keep Cool This Summer With a Homemade Floral Body Powder | Herbal Academy | Looking for ways to beat the heat this summer? Homemade floral body powder can go a long way to keep you feeling fresh and dry!
  ON July 05,2017

Keep Cool This Summer With A Homemade Floral Body Powder

Summertime finds forests, fields, and gardens flushed with the vivaciousness of all the things green and growing. With this life-filled energy comes plenty of sunshine and heat… heat that can make for sticky, sweaty situations which may not be so comfortable and pleasant. Floral body powder filled with the goodness of herbs can go a…

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DIY Herbal Skin Steam and Aloe-Calendula Cleanser | Herbal Academy | Cleanse and moisturize your face with this DIY Herbal Skin Steam and Aloe-Calendula Cleanser for glowing skin!
  ON May 08,2017

DIY Herbal Skin Steam and Aloe-Calendula Cleanser

We all want great-looking skin. A quick skim through any fashion and style magazine gives plenty of evidence that healthy, clear, youthful-looking skin is a hot commodity—you’ll see ads for anti-wrinkle serums and collagen creams, moisturizers, acne-fighting gels, lotions to minimize the appearance of pores. Some products are excellent (and often expensive), while others are…

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4 Herbal Recipes For Everyday Skin Care | Herbal Academy | Check out these four affordable, non-toxic, and easy herbal recipes for everyday skin care that you can incorporate into your daily and weekly routines!
  ON April 26,2017

4 Herbal Recipes For Everyday Skin Care

With farm season and warm weather coming our way and the brisk cold winter air at our backs, stocking the bathroom cabinets with concoctions from the kitchen is one way to be proactive about caring for your exposed outer layer. Skin care is not only a method of self-care and body-love, it also offers preventative…

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