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A Family Herb: Stinging Nettle Leaf Uses | Herbal Academy | Stinging nettle is known as an overall nourisher and strengthener and is chock full of vitamins and minerals. Learn the many uses of this spring plant!
  ON April 06,2016

A Family Herb: Stinging Nettle Leaf Uses

The first plants to rise up in the spring, gracing the world with green, often include the very herbs we can most successfully use to be healthy and strong. It’s seasonal herbalism at its best with healthful weedy plants such as dandelions, violets, and chickweed expressing their vitality by simply growing all on their own…

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  ON May 28,2015

Allergy Home Remedies For Families

Springtime brings the waking of green things from the Earth. The air is fresh and wild, and we feel called to the out-of-doors, to nature. Yet for some of us warmer weather  is also the harbinger of, well, misery. If you suffer from seasonal allergies or someone in your family does, you know that the…

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12 Nettle Recipes To Add To Your Cookbook | Herbal Academy | Stinging Nettles can be harvested, dried and incorporated into your diet year round for nourishment – add these delicious nettle recipes to your cookbook!
  ON May 26,2015

12 Nettle Recipes To Add To Your Cookbook

It is spring, and to many of us that means time to watch for the nettle. Long ago, our ancestors also watched for the first greens of spring after a hard winter with nutritional foods in short supply. As soon as they were able, they harvested nettle and incorporated its revitalizing nutrition into their diets. Nutritionally, nettle is one of nature’s…

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  ON May 26,2015

Stinging Nettle Plant: A Spring Favorite

Many herbalists can hardly wait for spring to nourish their bodies naturally with fresh greens from the earth. Much like our ancestors, we harvest (learn how) the highly nutritious nettle, incorporate it into our diets, and dry enough to get us to next spring. Nettle (Urtica dioica) has fulfilled many needs for humans in the past. It has…

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Stinging Nettle | Herbal Academy | Stinging nettle is an amazing superfood herb that is readily available during the spring and summer months. Learn how to use it in this post!
  ON July 08,2012

Stinging Nettle

What plant has the highest amount of protein, by weight, of any plant? Hint: it’s not a bean, lentil, or pea, and you can gather it yourself in wild and not-so-wild places. The answer is stinging nettle. Stinging nettle is an amazing superfood vegetable that is not only high in protein but also in calcium, magnesium, iron,…

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