ON February 15,2022

Your Guide to an Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse

Spring is often linked to a sense of renewal. As the daylight hours stretch out longer, temperatures become warmer, and blossoms emerge, you may find yourself with a desire to engage in a spring cleanse or another ritual of renewal. Ayurveda offers gentle and time-tested methods for cleansing and resetting. An ayurvedic spring cleanse can…

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  ON January 27,2022

Raspberry Rose Shatavari Chocolate Delights

I have the absolute pleasure of sharing with you one of the recipes from my soon-to-be-released book: a book entirely dedicated to raw chocolate and cacao recipes. Today I am sharing a recipe for Raspberry Rose Shatavari Chocolate Delights.  I have been working with cacao for many years, and this book has been a long…

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  ON June 18,2021

Summer Solstice Sun Tea Recipes

The clouds make way, the night lessens, and the sun shines brightly as ever. It is the summer solstice—the longest day of the year!  On this day, the sunbeams high in the sky, proudly providing warmth and light. A new season is ushered in, with the hope of a successful harvest to follow. The summer…

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Rose and Vanilla Honey Recipe | Herbal Academy | This simple rose and vanilla honey is a wonderful gift idea for someone you love and is sure to be a hit to the heart.
  ON June 07,2021

Rose and Vanilla Honey Recipe

Rose and vanilla honey is a wonderful gift idea for someone you love. Containing ingredients known for their association with romance and love, this simple honey is sure to be a hit to the heart.  Rose (Rosa spp.) is such a loving plant and is a wonderful addition to any love potions meant for others…

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  ON April 03,2020

Dandelion Greens: 3 Simple Recipes for Spring

As temperatures warm, snow melts, and blossoms emerge, spring cleaning seems to be on everyone’s mind. While some opt for a haircut or a closet purge during this transitional time of year, others may feel compelled to lighten up on more than one level.  According to Ayurveda, the spring season is ruled by kapha dosha…

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Cooking With Edible Mushrooms: A Beginner’s Guide | Herbal Academy | Learn a few tricks of the trade in regards to cooking with edible mushrooms, and get some sample recipes to make to see how good mushrooms can be!
  ON June 26,2019

Cooking With Edible Mushrooms: A Beginner’s Guide

When it comes to cooking with edible mushrooms, the options are exciting, creative, and vast. Even for the novice chef who is just dipping their toe into the world of edible mushrooms, culinary options span far beyond the common button mushroom. Curious looking fungi such as morel (Morchella esculentoides), enoki (Flammulina velutipes), porcini (Boletus edulis),…

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