27 Jan 2023

How to Make Schisandra Berry Syrup + A Schisandra & Strawberry Valentine’s Day Smoothie

If there was ever an herb that had the ability to positively influence multiple facets of the human body, it would be the schisandra berry. For thousands of years, traditional Chinese herbalists have used this famed berry as a nerve tonic, adaptogen, and an astringent, all of which it is still used as today. With a long list of beneficial properties, schisandra berry prepared as a delicious syrup is a great way to enjoy all that this revered herb has to offer.  

schisandra berries in a heart bowl sitting on Herbal Academy towel

Schisandra Berry (Schisandra chinensis)

The schisandra berry (Schisandra chinensis), is an herb steeped in deep Chinese medicine tradition. Chinese medicine tells us that this valued berry, also known as a five flavor berry, contains all five flavors: sweet, sour, bitter, pungent, and salty. The seeds are bitter, the peel and flesh of the fruit are sweet and sour, and the whole fruit is salty (Ayales, 2019). Why is this complex flavor profile significant? Chinese medicine associates the five fundamental tastes with the five major organs: the liver, kidneys, heart, lungs, and spleen. This unique flavor combination provides these organs with harmony and vital energy or life force (Easley & Horne, 2016).

The liver: Schisandra berries have been identified to contain up to 30 different lignans (Chevallier, 2016). These produce an antihepatotoxic action, and studies have shown significant help with liver protection  when schisandra is used in supporting those with hepatitis (Chevallier, 2016). 

The kidneys: Schisandra is also an astringent, which means that it can help contract and shrink soft tissue. This ability helps to create a protective barrier that balances the body’s fluid levels. This in turn can help with issues like frequent urination (Chevallier, 2016). 

The heart: Schisandra has been shown to support and protect heart tissue, strengthening it from damage and helping to maintain a healthy blood pressure (Ayales, 2019).  

The lungs: Schisandra has been used as a lung tonic because of the cooling and moistening energetics of the berry (Easley & Horne, 2016). 

The spleen: Schisandra helps to purify the blood, improve circulation, and reduce stress on the organs (Ayales, 2019). This helps the spleen do its job more efficiently. 

As a mildly stimulating adaptogen, schisandra berry can be used as a general tonic. Helping to improve circulation, strengthen the heart, aid in digestion, and increase bile secretion, this berry is excellent as a restorative (Easley & Horne, 2016). 

A unique benefit that you may not be aware of is that schisandra berries are also used as a sexual stimulant for people of all genders. They increase the secretion of sexual fluid and even improve stamina (Chevallier, 2016). With that, let’s jump into a Valentine’s Day recipe to try this upcoming holiday (wink). 

schisandra berry syrup in a bottle

Schisandra Berry Herbal Syrup

An herbal syrup is a crowd-pleasing preparation. This syrup is sweet enough for those sensitive to any bitterness, mild enough for those who like to incorporate their herbs into other recipes, and potent enough to extract a lot of beneficial properties. 

This recipe allows the schisandra berry to shine, but with some added delights of supportive herb flavors. Because an herbal syrup has a shelf life of about 6 months, this syrup is perfect to make for the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday and beyond. 

Get ready to make a rich, delicious, vibrant herbal syrup with schisandra berries, rose powder, and orange blossom honey. The combination of the three creates a unique tasting experience hitting all five of the flavors (sweet, sour, bitter, pungent, and salty). Plus, read on for an added recipe on a dish to use the syrup in! 

How to Make Schisandra Berry Syrup + A Schisandra & Strawberry Valentine’s Smoothie Recipe

schisandra berry in a pan

Schisandra Berry Syrup

Unlock all five flavors with this unique tasting experience. Using schisandra berries to create an herbal syrup will provide flavor to this positive wellness tonic for the whole body, plus a little extra sexual stimulant!


½ cup dried schisandra (Schisandra chinensis) berry
1 cup filtered water
1 ½ cups orange blossom honey
1 heaping tablespoon rose (Rosa spp.) powder

  • In a pot, place the berries and water on a low simmer, covered, for 30 minutes. 
  • Strain out the berries using a fine mesh strainer and cheesecloth. 
  • Reserve both the decocted liquid and the berries. 
  • In a large measuring cup or bowl, pour in the strained schisandra berry liquid. 
  • While the liquid is still hot, add in honey and whisk until fully mixed. 
  • Add in rose powder and mix until fully incorporated.  
  • Pour schisandra berry syrup into a glass bottle, lid, and store it in the fridge for 6 months. 

schisandra berry strawberry smoothie with roses

Schisandra Berry & Strawberry Smoothie


1 cup frozen strawberries
½ cup schisandra (Schisandra chinensis) berry tea
½ cup milk of choice
½ teaspoon schisandra berry syrup

  • Brew a cup of schisandra berry tea using either the decocted berries from the syrup or ½ cup of dried schisandra berries. Place berries into the pot, add ½ cup water, and simmer for 5 minutes. Strain out berries and allow the tea to cool. 
  • In a blender, add strawberries, schisandra berry tea, milk, and schisandra berry syrup. 
  • Blend until smooth. 
  • Enjoy!  

To Use:

Herbal syrups are perfect additions to breakfast foods like yogurt and oatmeal, and as a replacement for maple syrup on your pancakes. Add a dash to sweeten up your teas, flavor sparkling water for a mocktail, pour into smoothies, or simply take a spoonful by itself. The benefits of schisandra are incredible and finding delicious ways to enjoy it are endless.

Precautions: Large doses of schisandra berry can cause heartburn. Schisandra berries should not be taken during acute illnesses and it is not recommended for those with ulcers or epilepsy (Ayales, 2019). Some medications have contraindications with schisandra, so always check with a trusted medical professional before consuming. 

honey drizzling into a jar

In Closing, 

The beauty of what nature has to offer hangs right in front of us. In this case, it is wrapped up into a small berry. The sweet and salty goodness of schisandra berries pairs perfectly with the delicious taste of honey. You’re going to love this herbal syrup preparation, and we hope you enjoy the pop of flavor you get from this unique Valentine’s Day smoothie. Happy making, friends! 

How to Make Schisandra Berry Syrup + A Schisandra & Strawberry Valentine's Day Smoothie | Herbal Academy | You’re going to love this schisandra berry herbal syrup preparation, and delicious Schisandra & Strawberry Valentine’s Day smoothie!


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