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  ON September 13,2022

3 Moistening Herbs to Explore

In an article in The Herbarium, herbalist Erin Gangi discusses the role of moistening herbs through the lens of a few traditional medicine systems and outlines the uses, safety, and dosage of some specific herbs. This excerpt from the article explores the properties and benefits of moistening herbs and shares profiles of a few key…

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  ON March 24,2022

Andean Plants and Their Herbal Uses

The Andes mountains are home to at least 20,000 endemic species of Andean plants (Myers et al., 2000 as cited by Cueva-Agila et al., 2019). In Ecuador, the Eastern Cordillera Real montane forests ecoregion boasts up to 8,000 different plant species (Richter et al., 2009). The southern part of the country, especially the Loja and…

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  ON August 20,2021

In Search of the True Brahmi: Bacopa vs Gotu Kola

Herbs known by the name “brahmi” have an affinity for the nervous system and tend to support memory. There are a few different herbs that go by this name, the most commonly known are Bacopa monniera and Centella asiatica. Given that the name “brahmi” is applied to more than one herb, one may be left…

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