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  ON March 05,2021

Homemade Cough Syrup for a Wet Cough

Late winter is the time of year in which heavy, wet conditions can start to really settle in our lungs. Luckily, nature’s apothecary has many beneficial plant allies for coughs and colds that can support you in the form of an herbal homemade cough syrup when you most need it! This herbal cough syrup isn’t…

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How To Stay Energetically Balanced During Winter | Herbal Academy | Stay energetically balanced during winter with foods, herbs, and lifestyle choices that will help you stay well and vibrant through the season ahead. 
  ON December 06,2019

How To Stay Energetically Balanced During Winter

When you think of winter, what comes to mind? Sparkling snowflakes, red berries, and evergreens? Hot chocolate and twinkling lights? Or dark, quiet days?  For all of the winter lovers out there, this cool, dark season can provide a wonderful opportunity to simplify life and to slow down and reflect on the past year. However,…

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3 Conifer Cordial Recipes for Winter Wellness | Herbal Academy | Learn about three different types of conifer trees and their wellness benefits, as well as how to use them in three conifer cordial recipes! 
  ON November 15,2019

3 Conifer Cordial Recipes for Winter Wellness

The fresh scent and sight of conifers symbolize winter and the coming of colder months. Conifers have long provided habitat for animals and materials humans use for shelter, clothing, tools, and transportation, and they have also provided food for animals and humans as well. But did you know that they have also been used in…

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How To Embrace Hygge During Winter | Herbal Academy | In this post, you will discover the basic concept of hygge, and how to embrace hygge to aid in your happiness this winter.
  ON December 14,2018

How To Embrace Hygge During Winter

Over the last few years, the Danish concept of hygge has become downright trendy. In fact, the Oxford English Dictionary shortlisted it as one of the most influential words of 2016. And, since research states that Danes are some of the happiest people in the world, it seems that hygge bears paying attention to. But…

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Top Essential Oils For Winter Wellness | Herbal Academy | Wondering what the best essential oils are for the winter season? Here are our top essential oil recommendations for winter wellness!
  ON January 09,2017

Top Essential Oils for Winter Wellness

Cool crisp air. Snowflakes floating down. Children laughing during a snowball fight. A fire crackling in the fireplace. Salvation Army kettle bell ringers. Door wreaths and garlands. Candles. Reds, blues, yellows, greens, and silver. Hot cocoa and hot tea. Snuggly blankets. Sneezing. Coughing. Stuffy nose. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Winter can be a beautiful time…

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