ON October 08,2015

Herbal Vinegar Hair Rinses

Every season provides a new way to strain and damage your hair. The sand and salt water of the ocean in summer can leave you with lusterless locks. The winter winds and ice leave your hair crispy and exhausted. The humid days bring frizz and fuss to anyone who dares step outside. Whenever I notice…

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  ON September 21,2015

An Introduction into Canine Herbalism

If you have dogs, you probably cannot count the times you’ve seen them run to a patch of something green and begin to consume it ravenously. You might wonder when, and more importantly where, the consumed forage will represent itself again – which always seems to be in the middle of your dinner party on…

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  ON August 20,2015

Prepare for Fall with an Herbal Transition Kit

Late August is a time of transition, as summer is drawing to a close and a new school year begins. We know that many herbs are important allies during transitions, easing the stress and helping us settle into new routines. Creating an Herbal Transition Kit With that in mind, we can assemble an herbal transition…

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  ON August 14,2015

The Benefits of Elderberries Sambucus nigra and Sambucus canadensis

Across the country, the elderberries are turning dark purple or black and herbies everywhere are harvesting them, drying them, and formulating their favorite elderberry preparations for the seasons ahead. In my blog in June, we talked about the plant, the flowers, and some of the wonderful lore and magic that surround the elder. The flowers…

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  ON August 13,2015

Cooling Down with Summer Rose

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, summer is the season of yang and is associated with the fire element, the Heart, and Small intestine. Energy peaks and it is the time of growth, light, and abundance. Summer is the season of joy and for most of us, it is a more relaxed and fun time of year….

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use chamomile
  ON July 13,2015

23 Ways to Use Chamomile

Chamomile is one of the most recognized and used herbs in the western world. Many people think of it first for anxiety and insomnia, but it’s far more than a gentle nervine. From tea and tinctures to salves and soap, chamomile’s versatility and aroma have long-been welcomed into our lives. To read about chamomile’s use throughout the…

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  ON July 01,2015

9 Ways To Use Valerian, Valeriana officinalis

Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) is a lovely garden plant with pinkish-white aromatic flowers. A perennial to Zone 4, valerian thrives in sun to partial shade, is easily propagated, and requires little care. Plant it in the back of your garden, though, since it can grow up to six feet tall! Valerian is more than a garden…

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  ON June 29,2015

Easy-to-Make Recipes for Summer Skincare

Summer is a beautiful season, but it can also bring challenges for our skin. As you enjoy the sunny days, soothe and protect your skin with the easy-to-make recipes to follow using foraged wild weeds. Summer Skincare and Sun Protection One of the biggest summer skin issues is sunburns. If possible, avoid direct sunlight during…

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  ON June 17,2015

Three Nasturtium Recipes for Summer

As spring turns to summer, gardens and farmers markets are overflowing with beautiful options. In my own garden, the nasturtiums are thriving, and I have been using them in a variety of ways. Nasturtium’s edible leaves and blossoms are high in vitamin C and exhibit antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. These benefits make nasturtiums a worthwhile…

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