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  ON September 16,2021

How to Make a Nutritive Pregnancy Tea Blend

Pregnancy is a really special time of life and so are the needs during this time. Besides a wholesome, colorful diet, and prenatal supplements, a nourishing herbal pregnancy tea blend can boost your wellbeing as well as the health and development of your baby. The nutrient requirements are heightened to properly nourish the body during…

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  ON September 03,2021

Nerve Tea With Oatstraw and Skullcap

This herbal nerve tea recipe combines skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora), a superior relaxing nervine, oatstraw (Avena sativa), a nervous system trophorestorative, and violet (Viola odorata), an overall nerve restorative, to simultaneously soothe agitation and strengthen the overall function of the nervous system (Holmes, 1989a; Holmes, 1989b).  Tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum) is another go-to herb for nerve support…

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4 Tasty Avena Sativa Recipes To Try At Home | Herbal Academy | Learn when to use oatstraw and how to make it taste great with these 4 tasty Avena sativa recipes. Put oatstraw to use. We know you'll love it!
  ON September 28,2016

4 Tasty Avena Sativa Recipes To Try At Home

Avena sativa, otherwise known as oatstraw or milky oats, is one of those lesser known, yet powerfully potent herbs. This herb can be a great support to the body through a variety of issues, but no matter how great an herb may be, if it’s lacking in taste, it can be difficult for people to…

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How To Have A Sensational Experience With Oatstraw | The Herbal Academy | Experience the sensation of oatstraw with this vivid post!
  ON February 19,2016

How To Have A Sensational Experience With Oatstraw

by Rebecca Swartwood Salty, sweet, milky, feminine, watery, strengthening, silky, easy… These were my initial impressions after drinking my first cup of oatstraw infusion. It was soothingly thick, almost chewable in my mouth, coating throat and stomach with its healing liquid. As I sat with the tea, I felt strengthened deep into my core, the…

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  ON May 12,2014

Oats Benefits: Getting To Know Avena Sativa

Such a beautiful name, Avena sativa, known by most as the common oat. It’s interesting how knowledge of a plant can become lost even as it is daily right under our noses. Humankind has focused so much on the calorie-dense oat grain as a food source, we’ve neglected its medicinal uses, not to mention those…

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  ON August 21,2013

Oats: Herbs We Love For Summer

Oats (Avena sativa) and their versatile components have been used for everything from stuffing mattresses, poultices, facial scrubs, cereal, teas, and baths. This small wonder, native to Northern Europe, packs a powerful nutritional punch with its protein, B-vitamins, calcium, and other minerals.