9 Edible Flowers and How To Use Them | Herbal Academy | Discover how to use edible flowers and take a closer look at nine of our favorites!
  ON June 09,2017

9 Edible Flowers And How To Use Them

The use of edible flowers in cooking is an act of pure earthly delight! Fragrance and sheer beauty combine to create a truly sensually scrumptious experience right on your plate. You may be surprised to learn that there are a wide variety of flowers to enjoy. Discover how to enjoy using edible flowers and take…

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  ON June 17,2015

Three Nasturtium Recipes for Summer

As spring turns to summer, gardens and farmers markets are overflowing with beautiful options. In my own garden, the nasturtiums are thriving, and I have been using them in a variety of ways. Nasturtium’s edible leaves and blossoms are high in vitamin C and exhibit antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. These benefits make nasturtiums a worthwhile…

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