ON January 18,2022

DIY Nutrient-Dense Syrup as an Herbal Health Tonic

If I had to pick just one category of herbs to use for the rest of my life, I would without a doubt choose the nutritive herbs. Since good nutrition is the basis of health and wellbeing, this category of herbal allies is the one I use most frequently and liberally in my herbal repertoire….

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  ON December 27,2021

Astragalus Chai With Bone Broth

The fire is lit and roaring. Deep orange flames undulate and flicker as the cold white snow falls just outside your door. The days of winter shed a chill of lower temperatures. These colder months are a time for many to find a slower pace, to seek the shelter of the indoors, and to partake…

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  ON December 20,2021

Make a Plant Wand To Clear Holiday Stress

The holidays can be a stressful time. Despite messages of good tidings and merriment, the pressure of gift-giving, old traumas, or feeling lonely are all common emotional responses. Just like lighting a candle or burning incense, creating and burning plant wands gives off those same therapeutic properties. Igniting a shift and inviting in a sense…

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  ON December 13,2021

DIY Herbal Wrapping Paper Craft

Anyone else love those quiet December nights? The ones where the work is done, the kitchen is closed, and there’s a calm? The soft glow from the twinkling lights fills the room. A classic holiday movie plays in the background. On these nights I love to brew a cup of tea and wrap presents with…

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  ON December 10,2021

How to Make a Simple Chai Syrup

I love any opportunity to share the richness of relationships with plants and have always felt that handmade gifts are the most precious. There’s nothing like gifting friends and family your time and energy, packaged up, with handwritten labels, just brimming with love. This is why for Christmas this year I am offering a little…

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  ON December 07,2021

Essential Oil Perfume: A DIY Gift Idea

The holidays are a wonderful time to give something that the receiver wouldn’t normally indulge themselves in. Something pretty, or something sentimental, or something handmade. An essential oil perfume recipe checks all those boxes! Crafting a unique scent is a fun way to show care to the receiver, and to pull in special memories through…

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  ON December 04,2021

3 DIY Herbal Skincare Gifts for the Holiday Season

As this year is coming to an end, we are busy getting ready for the holidays. To show appreciation for our loved ones in a more meaningful way, creating DIY herbal skincare gifts during the holiday season is a wonderful option! Furthermore, it is a great opportunity to take time for yourself to slow down…

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  ON December 01,2021

Herbal Chapstick Recipe for Dry Winter Lips

Whipping winds, cold air, and a dry climate make for a common annoyance—chapped lips. Winter is particularly harsh on the lips, a fragile skin barrier, and it is no wonder so many stores line their end caps with chapstick during December. Tis’ the season for piling on extra layers! Not just for the body, but…

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