The Best Places to Purchase Herbs and Supplies World-Wide | Herbal Academy | We've pulled together some of the best places to purchase herbs and supplies world-wide to make it easier to find what you need for your herbal studies!
  ON August 22,2019

The Best Places to Purchase Herbs and Supplies World-Wide

Are you new to herbalism and wondering where to find the herbs you need to get going on your craft? Or perhaps you are looking for a new, wonderful place to buy your next batch of botanicals. Regardless of where you are on your herbal path, purchasing herbs and supplies for making botanical creations can…

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  ON July 19,2019

Video: Rose Helichrysum Skin Serum

Herbal serums are versatile skin care preparations that can be crafted for a variety of skin types and imbalances. They’re also really quick and easy to make!  Below, we’re sharing how to make a favorite everyday skin serum that works to tone, moisturize, and calm sensitive skin. This tutorial video and printable recipe is from…

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Botanical Skin Care Course Background cosmetics
  ON July 17,2019

How To Find The Best Holistic Skin Care Routine For You

Beauty is certainly more than skin deep. However, the health and beauty of your skin should not be overlooked or dismissed as a matter of mere aesthetics. Your skin serves as far more than a lovely facade. Skin tissue is not only vital for physical protection; it is also a clear reflection of the body’s…

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A DIY Floral Delight Soap Recipe You’ll Love! | Herbal Academy | Enjoy this Floral Delight Soap recipe from our Botanical Skin Care Course. It makes a lovely bar of soap that you can enjoy yourself or gift to a friend!
  ON July 10,2019

A DIY Floral Delight Soap Recipe You’ll Love!

The craft of soapmaking is regaining popularity as people become more interested in learning more about traditional skills and homekeeping. While some people approach soapmaking as an artistic outlet, others make soap and shampoo bars in an effort to control the safety of the ingredients in the products they use in their homes, and some…

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Video: Mediterranean Garden Lotion Bars | Herbal Academy | Lotion bars are incredibly quick to make and easy to apply to any area of the body. Get a video tutorial and printable recipe for these Mediterranean Lotion Bars and make some for yourself today!
  ON June 24,2019

Video: Mediterranean Garden Lotion Bars

Like body butters, lotion bars are incredibly quick and easy to make. Not only that, but they are easy to apply to any area of the body by simply smoothing the bar over the skin and allowing your body heat to melt them into the skin. Lotion bars also do not contain any water-based ingredients,…

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Adaptogen Bliss Balls Recipe & Video | Herbal Academy | Learn some important key points to know about adaptogens and get a delicious recipe and video tutorial for Adaptogen Bliss Balls from our newly updated Introductory Herbal Course!
  ON January 28,2019

Adaptogen Bliss Balls Recipe & Video

Adaptogens are a category of tonic herbs that are often used to keep the general terrain of the body healthy and functioning properly. While there are many types of tonic herbs, adaptogens are often classed as endocrine system tonics, though they can have an effect on other body systems as well. While we’re not going…

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9 Herbal DIYs for the Holidays | Herbal Academy | Sneak in a little plant love by making herbal DIYs to gift to friends and family this holiday season. Here are 9 herbal DIYs to get you started!
  ON December 06,2018

9 Herbal DIYs for the Holidays

The holidays are a time to gather, join in community, and be with those we care about the most. We come together around the table to share in festive feasts and stories of the past year and plan for the coming year. We celebrate and show our appreciation for our loved ones, often through the…

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How To Make & Use Homemade Magnesium Oil | Herbal Academy | Magnesium is an essential nutrient that can be used internally or externally for health purposes. Learn how to make a homemade magnesium oil in this post.
  ON November 29,2018

How To Make & Use Homemade Magnesium Oil To Benefit Your Health

Do you experience insomnia, constipation, leg cramps, or general stress and anxiety more than you’d like? If so, magnesium may be of some assistance to you. Magnesium is an essential nutrient, but in this high-stress, fast-paced world we all seem to be lacking sufficient amounts of it. Did you know that other than getting magnesium…

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How to Create a Simmering Herbal Potpourri | Herbal Academy | Banish every day odors throughout your home without causing health hazards with this simmering herbal potpourri recipe, perfect for the holidays too!
  ON November 22,2018

How to Create a Simmering Herbal Potpourri

Does your home ever get that stale feeling? Does it smell like a cast iron skillet or a dusty antique store? Let’s be honest — odors happen! If the weather isn’t ideal for opening the windows, then you may be looking for some help to freshen the air in your home! So, where do most…

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