ON March 21,2023

Herbal Blood Sugar Balance Recipe

A hot topic that has been circulating lately is the importance of blood sugar balance. Glycemia, also known as blood sugar level or blood glucose level, is the measure of glucose concentration in the blood. This level fluctuates throughout the day and is affected by the food you eat, your lifestyle, hormones, and even your…

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  ON March 14,2023

How to Make Newspaper Seedling Pots for Your Garden This Year

Growing food in your backyard (or even on a porch or windowsill) is one of the simplest and most rewarding ways to nourish yourself, be self-sufficient, and connect with nature in a hands-on way. The following excerpt is taken from Gardening for Everyone by sustainability expert Julia Watkins which shares everything you need to know…

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  ON March 04,2023

Respiratory Support Honey for Spring Allergies

The following book excerpt is taken from The Herbal Kitchen by Kami McBride and used with permission. If you’re an herb nerd with spring allergies, you face a bit of a conundrum. While the Earth bursts with color and birdsong, you might feel the urge to run indoors instead of out. But as we head…

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  ON February 17,2023

Orange Peel Tincture Blend for Digestive Support

As a student going through Herbal Academy’s Introductory Herbal Course, I was inspired by a lesson in which herbalist Guido Masé shared how to make digestive bitters. His enthusiasm was contagious, and I felt excited to create my own orange peel tincture blend. I am constantly amazed at the power of herbs, and I find…

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  ON January 06,2023

DIY Pickled Cattail Shoots

The following excerpt and Cattail Shoots recipe is from Pascal Baudar’s book Wildcrafted Vinegars: Making and Using Acetic Acid Ferments for Quick Pickles, Hot Sauces, Soups, Salad Dressings, Pastes, Mustards, and More (Chelsea Green Publishing, Oct 2022) and is reprinted with permission from the publisher. Cattail Cattail loves wetland habitats, and it grows along the…

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  ON December 20,2022

Holiday Home Essential Oil Diffuser Blend Recipe

Whether we’re baking our favorite pies and cookies, decorating with fresh greenery, or making crafts and gifts using herbs and spices, we enjoy the special aromas that accompany these activities during the holidays. There truly is an enchanting, warming scent to the season. This Holiday Home Diffuser Blend recipe we are sharing below is another…

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  ON December 13,2022

Easy Homemade Kitchen Spices Cough Syrup

The following excerpt is taken from our FREE Pantry Herbalism ebook, where you’ll find monographs and recipes for spices, foods, and backyard herbs that you likely already have at home. Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) aerial parts  A close relative of oregano, thyme (Thymus vulgaris) is also rich in volatile oils. These constituents, especially thymol, are antimicrobial…

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  ON December 02,2022

How to Decorate Your Home With Fresh Greenery

Make your home come alive this holiday season by bringing the outdoors in with fresh greenery! The festive and cozy feeling that lush greens bring is enough to put anyone in the holiday spirit. With a little bit of planning and creativity, you can create stunning displays that you’ll find yourself wanting to repeat year…

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