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Handmade Cards With Plantable Seed Paper by Herbal Academy
2 Feb 2024

Handmade Cards With Plantable Seed Paper

Elevate your homemade cards with a touch of nature by crafting them with homemade seed paper—a plantable gift that keeps on giving! The seed paper can also be turned into charming gift tags, adding a delightful and eco-friendly touch to your expressions of love.

Plantable seed paper is a creative and eco-friendly way to send greetings. This crafty paper has seeds embedded in it, so when it’s planted, it can grow into flowers, vegetables, or (our favorite!) herbs. 

Enjoy this unique craft from our Maker’s Magazine: Warm and Cozy Edition.

The first step to creating these unique handmade cards is to make plantable herbal seed paper.

torn pieces of paper in a glass bowl

splatter screen with handmade paper

Homemade Plantable Seed Paper

Transform ordinary paper into eco-friendly seed paper, infused with life and ready to bloom. This paper is perfect for homemade cards, bookmarks, and more—a versatile activity suitable for all ages!


Recycled paper or newspaper (without glossy coatings) – construction paper makes for a colorful result
Blender or food processor
Large container with a wide opening (such as a storage bin or a bus tub)
DIY mould and deckle using a screen or frame (such as an old window screen or a picture frame) with fine mesh screen stapled to it. A splatter screen will also work.
Paper towels or cotton cloth
Seeds (choose seeds for plants that are appropriate for your region and the paper’s purpose)
Cookie cutters (optional)
Clean sponge
Natural waxed paper or parchment paper


Prepare the Paper:

  • Tear or cut the recycled paper into small pieces and soak it in warm water for several hours or overnight to soften it.
  • Blend the soaked paper with a small amount of water until it forms a pulp. You can do this in batches.
  • Set out a large container that is wide enough to fit the mould and deckle. Pour the blended pulp into the container. Add water and stir to combine.  Adjust the water quantity for desired thickness; more water yields thinner paper, while less water results in a thicker consistency. 

Create Sheets of Paper:

  • Put the mould and deckle together by placing the frame without a net (deckle) over the frame with a net (mould). 
  • Hold the mould and deckle firmly together, and while holding it at a 45-degree angle, dip it into the water and pulp mixture, all the way to the bottom of the container. Then lift upward, holding the mould and deckle horizontally. 
  • Lift slowly, gently moving mould and deckle from side to side to aid in evening out the thickness of the pulp layer.  
  • Once you reach the top of the water, hold the mould and deckle above the container and allow the excess water to drain out. 
  • Remove the deckle from the mould and align the long edge of the mould along the edge of the paper towel or cloth in the prepared drying area. Then place the mould face down on the paper towel to transfer the sheet of pulp onto the paper towel for drying. Gently press a towel or sponge over the pulp to remove excess water. 
  • Carefully lift the frame/deckle away from the pulp, leaving the paper on the towel or cloth. 
  • Sprinkle seeds over the pulp. Be mindful of the seed concentration; you don’t want it to be too dense, as it may affect the paper’s texture. Press gently into the pulp. 
  • Scatter small pieces of dried flowers over the pulp, if desired, and gently press down. 


To create shapes, press cookie cutters into the mixture. 

Dry the Paper:

  • Let the paper air dry completely, which may take a few days to a week, depending on the thickness of the paper and your climate. It is best to dry the paper quickly so the seeds don’t sprout. You can speed up the process by gently pressing the paper with more absorbent towels periodically. 
  • Once the paper is dry, gently peel it off the towel or cloth.

Finish the Paper:

  • Leave the paper as is, or cut it into various shapes or sizes. 
  • To make gift tags and labels, cut into desired shapes and use a hole punch to create a hole. Thread a piece of raffia or twine through the hole and tie as desired. Write a greeting on the paper or use letter stamps. 
  • See below for more ideas on how to use seed paper to make greeting cards.

Once the paper is ready, turn it into cards!

paper mould and deckle

handmade seed paper

Handmade Cards With Plantable Seed Paper

For a unique handmade note, transform the homemade seed paper into a beautiful card in a few simple steps. These cards send a warm greeting while also providing the recipient an opportunity to plant the seeds of your connection.

Handmade Cards With Plantable Seed Paper

Creating handmade cards with plantable seed paper is a fun and eco-friendly project and a great way to strengthen relationships throughout the winter months.


Plantable seed paper
Cardstock or heavy paper for the card base
Rubber stamps (optional)
Ink pads (optional)
Glue or double-sided tape
Markers, colored pencils, or other coloring tools
Ribbon or twine (optional)

  • Fold cardstock or heavy paper in half to create the base of your card.
  • Cut seed paper into shapes, such as hearts, circles, or squares.
  • Apply glue or double-sided tape to the back of the seed paper shapes.
  • Carefully adhere the seed paper shapes to the front of the card base.
  • Let the card dry completely before handling.
  • Use rubber stamps and ink pads to add decorative elements to the card if desired.
  • Add personal touches with markers, colored pencils, or other coloring tools.
  • Write a heartfelt message on the inside of the card.
  • Tie a ribbon or twine around the card for a finishing touch.
  • Include instructions on how to plant and care for the embedded seeds.

handmade cards with seed paper hearts

In Closing,

Sending cards to friends and loved ones is a great way to encourage others and strengthen relationships. You’ll likely find the act of sending a card uplifts your own spirit, too! Creating these one-of-a-kind cards demonstrates the beauty of sustainable creativity, making your expressions of love truly unique. By sending greetings with plantable seed paper, you’ll share a gift that keeps on giving!

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Handmade Cards With Plantable Seed Paper | Herbal Academy | Send greetings with plantable seed paper to demonstrate the beauty of sustainable creativity and make your expressions of love truly unique.