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Stress-be-Gone Herbal Bath for New Moms | Herbal Academy | woman in bath
  ON December 13,2020

Stress-be-Gone Herbal Bath for New Moms

This relaxing herbal bath blend for the new mother is composed of three well-known aromatic nervines: chamomile (Matricaria recutita) flower, lavender (Lavandula spp.) flower, and linden (Tilia spp.) flower and bracts. Nervines are herbs and botanicals that have a direct effect on the nervous system in some way, including reducing stress and anxiety and bringing…

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5 Ways To Clean With Lemons | Herbal Academy | Do you love the fresh smell of lemons? You can have a clean, sparkling home with these 5 effective ways to clean with lemons!
  ON February 27,2018

5 Ways to Clean with Lemons

I crave the feelings of satisfaction and coziness that comes after giving my home a thorough cleaning. When the carpets look lush, the floors are shiny, and everything’s in its place, I feel peaceful and calm! And the best part? When I’ve cleaned my home the green way, with safe, natural cleaners, those feelings of…

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4 Ways To Use Leftover Orange Peels | Herbal Academy | If you're a fan of oranges, you'll love these 4 ways to use the leftover orange peels!
  ON June 02,2017

4 Ways To Use Leftover Orange Peels

If you’re a fan of oranges, you may find yourself with an overabundance of leftover orange peels in your home, especially when oranges are in season. If you find yourself wondering what to do with all these peels rather than throwing them in the trash, let me offer some suggestions to help you put your…

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homemade all-purpose cleaner
  ON April 01,2014

Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner (9 DIY Natural Cleaners)

Spring cleaning is finally upon us. Now is the time that we’ll purge our garages of unwanted junk, finally throw out that old lawn chair set we forgot to return to the basement for the winter, and, of course, clean every surface in our house that we can find. But what are usually our choices…

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