Family Herbalist Path Package

Family Herbalist Path Package

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Do you dream of gaining herbal knowledge to support you and your family’s health naturally? Do you want to nourish yourself and your loved ones with safe, delicious, and effective herbal recipes because it’s your passion and hobby—but you’re not quite sure where or how to start?

You’ve been on a mission to replace your household items with more natural alternatives, and now you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and start making your own herbal teas, tinctures, syrups, first-aid salves, bug sprays, and more. Who knows, you might even be thinking of starting a kitchen herb garden! If this sounds like you, then you may just be a budding Family Herbalist.

Our Family Herbalist Path Package combines both the Introductory and Intermediate Herbal Courses for a special savings. With these two courses, you’ll receive the complete framework to begin running a seasonally inspired, herbal home. And, as always, our courses are completely self-paced with Lifetime Access* so you can study whenever is most convenient for your schedule!

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Throughout history, the vast majority of caretakers and herbalists practiced from their homes. They did not run clinics or sell products, instead they used their herbal know-how to compassionately care for their families and themselves using plants that grew right outside their door. Like them, you, too, can unlock the power of herbs to naturally care for yourself and your family’s day-to-day concerns, from nourishment and immune support to bruises and sleeplessness.

We hope you’re ready to start mixing, blending, infusing, and crafting because the Family Herbalist Path Package features more than 250 healthy herbal recipes formulated by knowledgeable herbalists! When you complete this robust online herbalism course, you will be empowered to use herbs in safe, delicious recipes that your whole family will love, including teas, lotions, syrups, salves, and other preparations to soothe and support common conditions. You will also have a solid herbal foundation in place with a basic understanding of everything from sourcing and storing high-quality herbs to plant actions and energetics to human anatomy and herbal support for common imbalances. 

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Herbal Academy Courses for family herbalist
Making Elderberry Gummies for Cold and Flu season
Learning family herbalism - recipes horseradish sauce


Ready to get started in the wild and wonderful world of herbalism? Build a strong foundation and learn the basics of herbalism with our classic beginner’s herbalism class, the Introductory Herbal Course. This beloved online course for beginning herbalists features 34 content-rich written lessons supplemented with nearly 80 recipes along with quizzes, handouts, charts, beautiful illustrations and photographs, professional videos, an exclusive students-only community, access to herbal teachers, and all the other amenities of a modern online classroom. 

Family Herbalist Path Package by Herbal Academy


  • Introduction to the herbal approach and world healing traditions
  • Sourcing and storing high-quality herbs
  • Step-by-step instructions for making teas, tinctures, syrups, salves, infused oils, vinegars, and other time-tested herbal preparations
  • Herbal actions and terms: from “adaptogen” to “tonic” and everything in between
  • Basic human anatomy
  • Introduction to herb gardening, foraging, and plant identification
  • Herbal support for immunity, stress, sleep, reproductive health, natural skincare, and more
  • Herbs for children
  • And more!

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Now that you have laid the groundwork for creating an herbal home, the Intermediate Herbal Course will take you beyond the basics with an additional 59 in-depth written lessons, 175+ recipes, 150 plant monographs, and numerous handouts, charts, videos, quizzes, and exercises to further your herbal studies.

Intermediate Herbal Course - tea blending


  • Herbal first-aid: Bites, stings, burns, rashes, wounds, and more 
  • What is an herbal action? Decoding labels like “expectorant” or “sedative”
  • Introduction to energetics: dry, warm, moist, cool, etc. 
  • Food as the foundation of wellness: kitchen spices, pantry potions, and more
  • How to formulate your own multi-herb recipes
  • Side effects and safety considerations
  • Tips for creating your own materia medica reference journal 
  • Herbs and children
  • In-depth units with anatomy, plant profiles, charts, and dozens of recipes specifically related to:
    • The digestive system 
    • The immune system
    • The nervous system
    • The cardiovascular system
    • The liver
    • The respiratory system
    • The urinary system

Learn more about the Intermediate Herbal Course

Save big by bundling these two courses together via the Family Herbalist Path Package! 

Making Herbal Syrup - Family Herbalist Course by Herbal Academy


How long will it take me to complete this course package?
All of our online herbalism courses are self-paced, which gives you the flexibility to study whenever your schedule allows. Everyone studies at a different rate, but we have found that the average completion time is approximately 125 hours for the Introductory Course and 175 hours for the Intermediate Course, which is a combined 300 hours for the Family Herbalist Path PackageBecause our courses are self-paced, there are no live lectures to attend and students have access to their courses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

What materials will I need?
You will need an internet connection to access course materials along with a computer, tablet, or smartphone. You will also want to have a writing utensil and notebook to keep notes (our Materia Medica Journal is a great resource for this!). You may like to purchase herbs, oils, butters, waxes, and containers for any of the recipes that you choose to make. Both the Introductory and Intermediate Herbal Courses come with discounts to a variety of online herb suppliers to help make your studies more affordable!

Do I need to purchase textbooks for this package?
Textbooks are an optional add-on for students who also want the course material in book form. You can purchase the Introductory and Intermediate Herbal Course Textbooks separately via our Goods Shop. After you register, log in to your student account to receive significant student savings on textbook upgrades. Students enrolled in the Family Herbalist Path Package receive $150 off the price of the Introductory Herbal Course textbook and $298 off the price of the Intermediate Herbal Course textbook.

When can I get started?
After you purchase the course, it will be available via your Student Dashboard immediately. Simply click the “start course” button for a given course to begin your studies!

How long will I have access to the course materials?
You will receive Lifetime Access* to your courses. Simply press the “start” button in your Student Dashboard when you wish to begin each program! You can also download all course materials as PDFs for future reference.

Does this package include video content?
Yes! Our courses have videos sprinkled throughout to help supplement the written material. However, videos are not the primary medium through which our courses are taught. The Family Herbalist Path Package features approximately 11 hours of video content altogether, and each video comes with a video transcript.

What kind of certificate will I receive and will I be a certified herbalist?
Upon completion of any of our foundational courses, you’ll receive a certificate of completion suitable for framing that states you’ve completed the course under the direction of the Herbal Academy. You will receive a certificate after successfully completing each individual course.

Note that because the field of herbalism is not officially regulated by any specific set of standards or governing body in the United States, certification is a tricky subject. While one can study in herbalism courses for a certificate of completion, one cannot become a “certified herbalist.” We discuss this topic in this article, which you may find helpful:

The practice of herbalism is protected by the first amendment right to free speech. An herbalist cannot treat, cure, diagnose, prescribe, or see patients, instead, they can educate clients about dietary and lifestyle habits and make suggestions for herbs that will help balance the body and support wellness.

Can I take this course if I don’t live in the United States?
Our classroom is truly a global classroom. We are honored to have students joining us in class from around the world. Herbal Academy courses offer a wide range of information about plants, and much of the information will be applicable outside of the United States.

Is this course available in any other languages?
No. At this time, our courses are only available in English. 

Still have questions? Check out our in-depth FAQ page or our Right Fit Assessment Guide for more details! 

Cooking with herbs - nourishing herbal soup seasoning mix

I’m ready to become a Family Herbalist – let’s get started!

Testimonials from Class

“As a mother and homemaker, I don’t always have the time to go to a class or work one-on-one with a teacher, so I appreciate the self-pace of the Herbal Academy. The online resources have provided so much accessibility and ease. I am always astounded by the amount of credible research and information that is provided in the courses, materials, and free resources. I have always felt I was receiving a solid foundation and herbal education with the Herbal Academy.”
Alyson (@alysonsimplygrows), Family Herbalist Path graduate. Read Alyson’s inspiring student interview.
“When I enrolled in the courses, I was looking for basic and intermediate herbal learning that was comprehensive but not overwhelming, and the Herbal Academy courses I’ve taken have been just that! I love the format and how everything is presented—with a mix of reading, videos, and quizzes. I also love the community aspect and getting to interact with other students in the Facebook group!”
– Colleen (@growforagecookferment and author of Healing Herbal Infusions), Herbal Academy graduate. Read more about Colleen’s herbal journey here.
“You have no idea the paths this counsel has led me on, literally and figuratively. I have discovered Solomon’s Seal in my backyard, Indian pipe near a waterfall, and wood sorrel in the garden. I thought I would be taking a course to learn about herbs, and I have had the world around me open up with gifts I never knew existed. Thank you.”
– Cynthia, Herbal Academy student

“I’ve taken the Introductory Herbal Course, Intermediate Herbal Course, the Herbal Materia Medica Course, been a member of The Herbarium, and will be enrolling in The Craft of Herbal Fermentation Course soon … I love the Herbal Academy! I have always had a deep fascination with plants and healing. The Herbal Academy’s courses have taught me how to apply this love of plants to keep my own family well and deepen my knowledge enough to share it with others.”
– Stormy (, Family Herbalist Path graduate

“I’ve started your Family Herbalist Path. I wanted to learn from you for a while now, and I must say the course content is so much more than I expected! You are truly amazing, thank you so much for creating and providing an amazing education for all of us who seek it.”
– Rita T., Family Herbalist Path student
“I have so enjoyed your Intermediate Course (and the Beginning one, beforehand). I actually paced myself toward the end because I did not want the course to end. I will continue to heartily recommend your content as well as your responsive faculty members. Thank you for going above and beyond to create such wonderful, useful, and beautiful class materials.”
– Laura Emerson, Family Herbalist Path graduate
“Yesterday I finished the Herbal Academy’s Introductory Herbal Course… I felt a HUGE sense of accomplishment! Learning never ends. I am both honored and humbled to be taking significant steps toward my own WELL BEING and path as a healer. This small step has turned into something huge: the passion of a lifetime.”
– Keely F., Family Herbalist Path student
“I recently completed my studies and couldn’t rave enough about the program!!! If you are THINKING about taking it, you must!! You learn so much about the body and the herbs and their therapeutic uses at your own pace! I’m sorry that I’m finished but thrilled to be on the next leg of my journey!”
– Paizley Ann, Herbal Academy student
“I am in love with the science behind this course. I have searched the internet looking for a course that can take me in depth in plant parts and anatomy. I’m so happy I found you. The best part is even though it’s an online course, I don’t feel alone at all! You are there every step of the way. Thank you so much for that!”
– Nicole, Herbal Academy student
“… There’s so much love and wisdom found within these writings. I feel blessed to be given this opportunity to learn from you. It has helped me in my journey to mindfulness and I will keep these notes accessible to return to when I need to. I know I will return soon to continue learning and growing. Mother Earth is surely happy that people like you exist and are helping the world to be a better place. Many blessings.”
– Sara, Herbal Academy student

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*Lifetime Access is access to the course that you purchased for as long as the particular course is offered by the Herbal Academy. View Terms & Conditions for more detail.

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