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treating fevers naturally
12 Feb 2015

Treating Fevers Naturally

Because there is such a huge interest in natural wellness for family health, specifically children’s issues, we just have to share with you one of our favorite new ebooks! This is a must-read for new mommas.

Meagan Visser’s book Treating Fevers Naturally reads like a good friend who came in through the back door and put the tea kettle on. She has a chatty way of presenting very valuable information. This book brilliantly describes why it is important to allow the body its natural fever process. Do you know why the body heats up as it does when it is threatened by a pathogen? Meagan explains why our bodies respond in this way and what it all means. She takes us from the first sign of a fever to the “breaking of the fever.” She illustrates the process by which the fever progresses and what to look for during each stage.

What To Expect from the Book

Meagan shows her readers a natural way to treat fevers while being very respectful of our contemporary go-to medications.  

You’ll find the all answers to these important questions in this book:

  • What is a fever?
  • What causes a fever?
  • What is the purpose of a fever?
  • What is happening in the body during a fever?
  • What symptoms accompany a fever?
  • Understanding “degrees” of fever
  • When to be concerned by a fever
  • How to prevent a fever

The second part of the book dives into the Materia Medica and discusses treatment options for fevers: Medical vs. Natural.

Included at the end of the ebook is an entire Remedy Recipe Book. This might be my favorite part! This guide includes several recipes for the remedies suggested in the chapters as well as a walk-through guide of what to do during each of the four stages of a fever. These remedies are not complicated and they’re easy to give your child. 

The best part is you can preview Treating Fevers Naturally before you put your money down. Stop on over to this webpage for the PDF sample!

My children are grown now, but I do wish that I’d known this information when they were growing up. Raising three children, I wore out a few floors and spent many sleepless nights when they were under the weather. This book will reduce parent’s anxiety with its safe, cautious approach to fevers in children.

About the Author

Meagan Visser has been a regular contributor to the Herbal Academy blog, which is why I can safely say this ebook is a good one! Meagan is a Registered Nurse turned SAHM to 3 small boys. Since having children she has fallen in love with living a simpler, more natural life. She is a family herbalist that is passionate about herbs and is an aspiring master herbalist. With her background, Meagan has delved into both worlds, the modern medical world and the traditional natural world, to find the best ways to work with a child’s body so that it can do what it was made to do without suppressing it or causing unwanted side effects. Meagan runs the website, Growing Up Herbal.

Treating Fevers Naturally ebook

Interested in learning more?

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