31 Dec 2014

Best of 2014

Ready or not! Another year comes to an end and we’re thrown into 2015…

We reflect on this past year – the new additions to our team, the launch of the Online Introductory Herbal Course, the summer website redesign, the release of The Herbarium membership site, and the handful of workshops we hosted here in Bedford, MA – and we wonder how we did it all!  It’s been a whirlwind of a year but we’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

For us to choose a favorite moment would be nearly impossible, so we are turning it over to you! Here’s the best of 2014 in the eyes of our readers, subscribers and students. Thank you for making this herbal journey truly something special. We’ll see you in the New Year!

The Best Herbalism Articles of 2014

Making a Violet Tincture - Herbal Academy of New England

10. How to Make Herbal Glycerites: Tinctures Without Alcohol – Herbal tinctures are typically made from alcohol, but glycerin is a good alternative for children, animals, and adults when palatability and alcohol sensitivities are primary considerations. While not as potent as alcohol-based tinctures, glycerites are still quite effective – certainly more so than trying to administer a dose of alcohol-based tincture to a tight-lipped child!


9. How to Make a Tincture – An herbal tincture is a long lasting and effective form of receiving an herb’s gift. It has a much longer shelf life than an infusion or decoction and can be stowed in your bag or cupboard for easy access and use. In this post, you will learn how to make a tincture along with the supplies you will need to get started!

How To Plan and Plant a Fall Garden

8. How To Plan and Plant a Fall Garden – Believe it or not even in cold weather climates, you can plant a fall garden and watch it grow. While the thought of a lush, vibrant garden typically conjures up images of summer, with the right planning and the right planting, you can achieve autumn abundance.

Home Remedies for cold and flu shopping list

7. 8 Herbal Home Remedies for Colds and Flu – The cold and flu season is at its peak right now and it hits hard and fast. While prevention is the best defense, what do we do when symptoms hit? Some of us prepare for the cold and flu season in the fall by starting our fire cider and tinctures to stay healthy and treat illness at the onset.


6. 3 Easy Tips for Late Gardening – Here are a few ideas you can use to paint your thumb a pleasant shade of green in the months to come. Enjoy our tips for late gardening, and you can accomplish your edible gardening even if you’re just starting today.

Uses for Aloe Vera - Herbal Academy of New England

5. 10 Awesome Uses for Aloe Vera – There are so many uses for aloe vera, that I truly would be at a loss without it by my side. Here are 10 of the top uses for all of that aloe vera that has taken over your pots in the backyard!

A Closer Look at Essential Oils and Safety by the Herbal Academy of New England

4. A Closer Look at Essential Oils and Safety – Contrary to popular thought, the FDA does not pre-approve essential oils. They neither regulate the contents or the labeling. Companies can say pretty much what they want – at least until the FDA catches up to them. Let’s take a look at essential oils and safety.

Make a healing salve

3. How to Make a Healing Salve – One of the best ways to receive the benefits of herbs as well as alleviate dry skin is through the creation of a healing salve. The skin is one of the largest gateways on the body to receive actions of the plants.

Lentil and Quinoa Stew by vegan pact

2. Hearty Lentil and Quinoa Stew – What better way to stay warm (and healthy) this new year than with a yummy, comforting bowl of vegan soup? This protein packed stew is perfect for chilly nights and easy to throw together. 

Introductory Herbal Course - from our screen to yours

1. The Introductory Herbal Course – It doesn’t surprise us to see that the most viewed page on our website is our beginner herbalism program! This program has been a huge hit since it’s launch in June 2014, with students enrolling from all around the globe. If you are interested in taking the next step in your herbal journey, join us in this program and learn all the herbal basics. We’ll be with you every step of the way!

Herbalism - Best of 2014 Articles