ON March 24,2023

How to Make an Herbal Fever Ease Syrup

You may have heard that there’s a nationwide shortage of children’s acetaminophen and ibuprofen—critical fever reducers for children with respiratory viruses! While there’s no replacement for these medications when fevers are dangerously high, there are a few herbal allies that can help to gently encourage the resolution of a fever (and even help with the…

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treating fevers naturally
  ON February 12,2015

Treating Fevers Naturally

Because there is such a huge interest in natural wellness for family health, specifically children’s issues, we just have to share with you one of our favorite new ebooks! This is a must-read for new mommas. Meagan Visser’s book Treating Fevers Naturally reads like a good friend who came in through the back door and put the tea kettle…

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