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How To Make A Summer Garden Bath Tea | Herbal Academy | A summer garden bath tea is a great way to unwind. Here are our top five herbs to include plus tips for planting, growing, and harvesting these herbs too!
  ON October 28,2021

13 Last Minute Gift Ideas to Make at Home

When you are short on time to source the perfect gift, skip the store entirely and turn to handmade! We have you covered with our last minute gift ideas to are perfect for adding a little extra herbal goodness to a present, pulling something quickly together for the person that might have slipped your mind…

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How To Support A Broken Heart With Herbs | Herbal Academy | Support a broken heart with these herbs that calm, uplift, and nourish the body!
  ON February 15,2017

How To Support A Broken Heart With Herbs

Heartbreak spares no one. Sooner or later, we all get to know that particular emotion which, for us, might show up as sadness and despair, or anger, or numbness. Our heartbreak might show up in the body as sleeplessness, a lack of concentration and focus, diminished appetite, or even physical pain. Our herbal forebears were…

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How to Make Herbal Ear Drops | Herbal Academy | Do earaches ever sneak up on you without warning? Learn how to make herbal ear drops in your own kitchen to have on hand for soothing those ear infections!
  ON November 11,2016

How to Make Herbal Ear Drops

Earaches never seem to happen at a convenient time. They often sneak up on you in the middle of the night causing pain and misery. Thankfully, having a supply of herbal ear drops on hand can help ease pain and support the body when fighting a possible infection. I should know, as I recently found…

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  ON October 05,2016

How to Make an Herbal Syrup

The cold days of autumn and winter bring to mind cozy socks, warm cups of tea, good books, and for many herbalists, pots of simmering herbal syrup. Perhaps one of the most delicious ways to take herbs, herbal syrups are wonderful to have on hand during the colder months of the year. Enjoy learning the…

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How To Make An Herbal Decoction | Herbal Academy | Learn how to make an herbal decoction, what herbs are used for this type of herbal preparation, and how to use them in today's informative post!
  ON September 14,2016

How to Make an Herbal Decoction

That simple, tasty cup of tea is only one way of extracting the many virtues of herbs into water. Other ways include the making of infusions and decoctions. Today I am going to share how to make an herbal decoction and which herbs are used for this type of herbal preparation. Infusions are used with…

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A Family Herb: Gentle Linden Flower and Leaf | Herbal Academy | Gentle linden flower and leaf provides a cooling calm for every member of the family. Learn about the many benefits of this is beloved herb!
  ON June 01,2016

A Family Herb: Gentle Linden Flower and Leaf

Deliciously fragrant linden trees perfume the air in early summer, beckoning us to come and enjoy their beneficial properties for body, mind, and spirit. This stately tree, a time-tested favorite herbal remedy in Europe, is often found lining city streets and growing in parks. And it may surprise you to know that linden flower and…

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A Family Herb: Helpful Calendula Blossoms | Herbal Academy | Calendula has an extensive history of use and is best known for its benefit to the skin. Learn all about the many uses of this herb!
  ON May 11,2016

A Family Herb: Helpful Calendula Blossoms

Vivacious, happy Calendula blossoms are a delight to grow and use in herbal remedies for everyone in the family.  As a member of the Asteraceae family, Calendula (Calendula officinalis) is a relative of other helpful plants such as chamomile, yarrow, dandelion, Echinacea, and Arnica. And just like its family members, Calendula has a plethora of…

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A Family Herb: Dandelion | Herbal Academy |The humble dandelion is a surprisingly beneficial plant for every member of the family. Learn how to use this plant for good health!
  ON March 09,2016

A Family Herb: Dandelion

Hillsides and fields awash with vibrant greens and yellow blooms beckon us outside to enjoy warming springtime weather. It’s here, right under our feet, that we may find one of the most treasured plants in the world of herbalism. Well-known by children and often the bane of gardeners, the humble dandelion (Taraxcum officinale) is a…

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Raspberry Leaf Benefits For Women | The Herbal Academy Blog | Find out the many health benefits raspberry leaf offers for women!
  ON February 15,2016

3 Raspberry Leaf Benefits For Women

When thinking of raspberry, visions of tart, delicious little berries come to mind, yet the familiar raspberry offers us much more than a wholesome snack. When we look beyond the tasty fruits of this hardy plant, we find that the raspberry leaf benefits for women are numerous, including being used as a helpful ally during…

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