31 Aug 2015

FREE Herbs For Animals Chart

Herbalism is for everyone – including your furry friends! As shown in the Free Herbs for Animals Chart: 20 Herbs to Know & Use, herbs can be a wonderful addition to your pet’s meal plan and first aid kit. Herbs can be used safely and effectively, helping to eliminate the use of harsh chemicals. Add nourishing foods from the plant kingdom to your pet’s diet and use herbs in remedies to support their health.

For recipes and remedies for your furry friends, read this article: Basic Herbal Remedies for Pets. 

Learning about, and using one plant at a time (7 methods here), or becoming familiar with the plants growing in your own backyard are very good first steps. If you are interested in taking your studies to the next level, learn about our online herbalism programs to see if they are the right fit for you.

FREE Herbs for Animals Printable Chart by the Herbal Academy of New England

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