Amber Meyers
Director of Operations
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Amber Meyers was first introduced to herbalism in 2011 when she met herbalist and Founder Marlene Adelmann over a cup of tea. She interviewed for a marketing position with the goal to launch a startup business — a local community school with a mission to bring herbal studies to those across New England. What began as an ambitious career move ended up becoming a transformational journey on a personal level and ultimately Amber’s life’s work. Through the Herbal Academy, Amber has played a leading role bridging the gap between mainstream media and herbalism, providing an influential voice for herbalism and accessible, affordable herbal education. Amber has taken the visionary seed that Marlene planted in 2011, and helped nurture and grow it into the Herbal Academy as it’s known today — a school that has empowered hundreds of thousands of students across the United States and the world with herbalism education. Amber has worn many hats at the Herbal Academy since its inception, and was formally made Chief Operating Officer in 2022.
Amber has a Bachelor of Arts in Business and Marketing with a minor in Graphic Design from Bethel University. She has a keen interest in small business development and entrepreneurship. Amber started her career as an Account Executive with a boutique public relations agency in Minneapolis, MN, and gained much of her first-hand experience while independently freelancing as a marketing specialist. She’s worked with dozens of small businesses to help establish and foster their online presence and digital marketing strategies. Amber was mentored by herbalist Marlene Adelmann through their professional work together and has continued her education through the Herbal Academy’s online herbalism programs.
Amber lives in Rochester, MN, is a mother of three, and is passionate about supporting the local unhoused population. She firmly believes that everyone has the opportunity to make a positive difference with the resources available to them – no matter how big or how small – which is a theme she carries through in her work at the Herbal Academy.