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Amber Meyers is Co-Director and Founding Partner of the Herbal Academy, and she has worn many hats since the school’s inception in 2011.
Amber’s journey into herbalism began when she first met herbalist and Founder Marlene Adelmann over a cup of tea. Amber interviewed for a marketing position with the goal to launch a startup business — a local community school that would bring an approachable and innovative high-quality herbal education to students across New England when options at the time were few and limited. What began as an ambitious career move became a transformational journey on a personal level and ultimately Amber’s life’s work.
Amber has taken the visionary seed that Marlene planted in 2011, and has helped nurture and grow it into the Herbal Academy as it’s known today — a school that has empowered hundreds of thousands of students across the United States and the world with a top-notch herbalism education.
Amber long-held the title of Marketing Director at the Herbal Academy, and was formally made Co-Director and Chief Operating Officer in 2022. During her time at the Herbal Academy, Amber has consistently helped bridge the gap between mainstream media and herbalism. She has spearheaded the Herbal Academy’s online presence, building a community of more than one million engaged social media followers and newsletter subscribers combined. She has led nearly every marketing campaign since the school’s inception – creating the school’s signature marketing style that seamlessly interweaves herbal education into every nook and cranny, place and platform the Herbal Academy reaches.
Amber has an eye for design and created the globally recognized crest and branding style guide that the Herbal Academy uses to this day. In the spirit of collaboration that the Herbal Academy so proudly represents, she partnered with team member Emay Allmendinger to co-design the Botanical Skin Care Recipe Book. Amber is one of the contributing educators in the Herbal Academy’s Business Herbal Course, and she also serves as the advisor for the Herbal Entrepreneur Conference, an annual conference that coaches entrepreneurs into their goals of growing profitable herbal businesses. Her keen interest in small business development, community partnerships, and entrepreneurship was developed early on in her career.
Amber has a Bachelor of Arts in Business and Marketing with a minor in Graphic Design from Bethel University. Prior to her role at the Herbal Academy, she was an Account Executive with a boutique public relations agency in Minneapolis, MN, and gained much of her first-hand experience while independently freelancing as a marketing specialist. She’s worked with dozens of small businesses to help establish and foster their online presence and digital marketing strategies.
Her experience and education further blossomed while at the Herbal Academy. She was mentored by herbalist Marlene Adelmann during their professional work together and has continued her education by completing many of the Herbal Academy’s online herbalism programs.
Amber’s journey into herbalism didn’t begin until adulthood. It’s her hope to kindle natural wonder and herbal how-to in her young children during their tender learning years. An important piece of her family rhythm and herbal path, Amber treasures family hikes in the abutting wooded acreage of her home, where she and her children forage while learning how to use herbs as supportive allies. Her home apothecary is stocked with recipes of Herbal Academy origins – weedy plantain salves for bites and bumps, yarrow tincture for cuts, elderberry syrup for cold and flu prevention, lemon balm lemonade and ice pops for cooling treats, and chamomile sleepy tea for a good night’s rest. Amber is a mother of three and resides in Rochester, MN.