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  ON March 30,2020

Why We Need To Care About Animal Adoption and Rescue

It is important to remember that human beings share the planet with countless other inhabitants. As one part of a larger whole, we have a responsibility to respect and care for our fellow earth-dwellers, including plants and animals. When it comes to animals, people especially love their pets. There is so much we can do…

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How To Use Herbs to Care for Pets | Herbal Academy | Learn about our newest Herbarium intensive, Herbs for Animals, and start using herbs to care for pets naturally!
  ON October 10,2019

How To Use Herbs to Care for Pets

Our pets, whether they’re domestic animals like cats and dogs, farm animals such as horses and chickens, or our reptile friends like lizards and snakes, are often a big part of our lives, and as responsible pet owners, caring for our animals is often a top priority in our lives. Caring for our animals is…

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The Best and Worst Plants for Pets | Herbal Academy | While there are many plants that are safe for domestic animals, there is also a list of plants that are toxic. Here's the best and worst plants for pets.
  ON November 19,2018

The Best and Worst Plants for Pets

While there are many herbs, plants, and vegetables that are healthy and safe for domestic animals, there is a long list of plants that are downright toxic to our four-legged companions. Sadly, these dangerous plants are prevalent, lurking in our yards and homes. You know your companion animal better than anyone else, so when cultivating…

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  ON August 31,2015

FREE Herbs For Animals Chart

Herbalism is for everyone – including your furry friends! As shown in the Free Herbs for Animals Chart: 20 Herbs to Know & Use, herbs can be a wonderful addition to your pet’s meal plan and first aid kit. Herbs can be used safely and effectively, helping to eliminate the use of harsh chemicals. Add nourishing foods from the plant…

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  ON June 29,2015

Basic Herbal Remedies For Pets

Most of us have a first-aid kit in our homes to treat minor scrapes and burns. But what about our four-legged friends? What happens when Fido gets a cut while trying to jump the fence? Or when Mittens steps a little too close to the wood stove? These basic herbal remedies for pets can make…

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  ON November 11,2014

Turmeric for Dogs and Other Animals

Just as herbs can positively affect humans, the same is true for animals. It is thought by some that humans may have first learned to use certain herbs by watching the actions of animals. As humans seek to live more natural and self-sufficient lives, many of us also seek to use natural care for our…

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