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Supporting Creativity and Activity: Herbs for the Waxing Moon by Herbal Academy
23 Oct 2023

Supporting Creativity and Activity: Herbs for the Waxing Moon

If the New Moon is the time for planting seeds and intentions, the Waxing Moon is the time when we move from intention-setting to bringing our hopes, dreams, visions, and goals into form and action. The waxing phase of the Moon is a time characterized by heightened extroversion, activity, and creativity. During this time, we may feel a stronger desire to socialize, create, and get out and about more. While this is an important aspect of the energy cycle, it is also a good idea to assist this increased energy output with herbs that support a sense of calm, clarity, and upliftment. This article features an herbal blend custom-designed to support balance during the Waxing Moon phase. 

herbal infusion sitting in a windowsill with a chain of moon phases in the background

Energy of the Waxing Moon

The time of the Waxing Moon, when we move from the New Moon to the Full Moon, can be broken into three major subphases: crescent, first quarter, and gibbous. 

The Crescent Moon is a time for germination. If we compare the phases of the moon to plant growth cycles, the Crescent Moon is the time in which the underground seed just begins to stir. It may be the time in which our quiet, introverted New Moon energy begins to sprout into a desire to create and connect outside of ourselves. However, during this phase, it is a good idea to be gentle with our budding energy and projects as it is a tender time (Elenbaas, n.d.). As astrologer and author Demetra George (1992) describes, “At the Crescent Phase, the life impulse encounters a challenge as it must struggle away from the inertia of the past cycle, mobilizing its energy and resources moving forward” (p. 66). 

As the Crescent Moon transitions to the Sun Square Moon, or the First Quarter Moon, this is the time for increased action. As herbalist Ashley Elenbaas (n.d.) describes, the First Quarter Moon is the time of “crisis of action”—it is a time of sprouting and the time in which you may feel the impulse to take action on an idea. This can also be understood as the time when the structural outline or ideas begin to take shape and form (George, 1992). 

Last in the Waxing Moon phase, the Gibbous Moon is the phase in which the Moon’s light is near full. This is a time characterized by a surge of growth and action. The Full Moon can be compared to the Summer Solstice and following this metaphor, the Gibbous Moon is likened to late spring—the time in which there is a burgeoning and fullness to life (Elenbaas, n.d.). It is also the time in which “the symbolic seed buds” (George, 1992, p. 66). 

bowl of herbs and a wooden scoop with jars of dried herbs, a candle, and chain of moon phases on the table

Herbs for the Waxing Moon

Given the active, extroverted energy of the Waxing Moon phase, you may want to focus on herbs that support a calm, clear mind so that you can engage in your perhaps busier schedule with adequate mental and physical energy and a sense of equanimity. It may be important to not let your nervous system become overstimulated during this time, especially as the Moon moves into the later Gibbous Phase and into the Full Moon. However, what is life if not lived fully?! You may be inspired to get more accomplished or to be more social during the Waxing Phase of the Moon—and there’s nothing wrong with that! This infusion blend features herbs that will support this time of increased activity with a sense of ease and balance. First, let’s flesh out the ingredients in this Waxing Moon infusion. 

Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica) leaf

Oftentimes confused with Bacopa monniera, gotu kola is sometimes referred to as “brahmi.” However, in Ayurveda, “brahmi” is most commonly used when speaking of Bacopa monniera. Nonetheless, the name “brahmi” can be translated as what gives knowledge of supreme reality (Dass, 2013) and since gotu kola supports memory and clarity of mind, this name fits its function. Gotu kola rejuvenates the mind and nervous system and helps cool and calm an overheated “pitta brain.” Gotu kola supports a luminous, sattvic mind and both soothes anxiety and supports mental function (Dass, 2013; Groves, 2016). 

Peppermint (Mentha x piperita) leaf 

Known as an aromatic digestive, this cheerful herb has many benefits. According to herbalist and author Maria Noel Groves (2016), “Peppermint invigorates the mind and spirit, clears the sinuses, relieves coughs, eases some types of pain (like headaches), and quells nausea” (p.81). also has demonstrated efficacy in supporting alertness, memory, recall, and reaction time, and is often used to ease headaches and clear the sinuses (Groves, 2016). In addition, certain compounds in peppermint have demonstrated efficacy in supporting mental alertness, memory, and recall (Groves, 2016). peppermint is useful as an antispasmodic for the gut, soothing gas and indigestion. However, it can aggravate symptoms of acid reflux so is generally contraindicated for that condition (Groves, 2016). I love this bright herb for its versatility and pleasing and gently invigorating taste and aroma. 

Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) leaf 

Lemon balm is a multifaceted herb that uplifts the mood while easing anxiety, soothing digestion, and functioning as an antiviral. This mint-family herb combines well with peppermint as it also has a pleasing, bright and slightly minty aroma and flavor. However, lemon balm offers a lemony twist to complement the strong, pure minty flavor of peppermint. Consider lemon balm for a host of maladies, from mild moodiness or downturned spirits to restlessness and the flu. Use only under supervision in pregnancy and with caution if a hypothyroid condition exists; lemon balm can have a mildly suppressing effect on thyroid function in some cases (Groves, 2016). 

strainer of herbs sitting on top of a cup of infusion

Waxing Moon Herbal Infusion

This calm and bright herbal infusion supports memory, healthy cognitive function, and a balanced nervous system while soothing digestion. Peppermint lends a quality of brightness, gotu kola supports mental acuity, and lemon balm provides soothing upliftment. Since this blend is both relaxing and gladdening, it is appropriate to enjoy any time of day. 


1 part gotu kola (Centella asiatica) leaf
1 part peppermint (Mentha x piperita) leaf
1 part lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) leaf

  • This recipe specifies the amounts in parts. A part can be any measure, e.g., a teaspoon, tablespoon, cup, etc. Determine the quantity you would like to prepare, and mix all ingredients evenly. 
  • Store in a closed container away from direct sunlight. 
  • When you are ready to enjoy a cup of Waxing Moon Herbal Infusion, add 2-3 tablespoons per 12 fluid ounces of water. Steep 10-15 min, covered.
  • Strain and sip as you bask in the quickening energy of the Waxing Moon. 

herbal infusion sitting on a wooden stump with a burning candle and moon phases on a chain on the table next to it

In Closing,

There is a time for everything—a time to rest and reflect, a time to work, and a time to revel. By observing our own energy patterns in relationship to the lunar cycles we can become better attuned to our own cyclic nature and how to best support ourselves during each phase. Enjoy this Waxing Moon Herbal Blend as a way to support yourself during times of heightened action, creativity, and productivity. Also, herbal blends for the phases of the Moon make delightful gifts for loved ones—you could include them in a lunar-inspired gift package! 

Supporting Creativity and Activity: Herbs for the Waxing Moon | Herbal Academy | Enjoy this Waxing Moon Herbal Blend as a way to support yourself during times of heightened action, creativity, and productivity.


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