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  ON December 27,2021

Astragalus Chai With Bone Broth

The fire is lit and roaring. Deep orange flames undulate and flicker as the cold white snow falls just outside your door. The days of winter shed a chill of lower temperatures. These colder months are a time for many to find a slower pace, to seek the shelter of the indoors, and to partake…

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How To Make A DIY Herbal-Infused Broth | Herbal Academy | An herbal-infused broth is a tasty alternative way to enjoy herbs and add a nutritious boost to your meals all year long. Learn how to make it here!
  ON November 08,2018

How To Make A DIY Herbal-Infused Broth

Are herbal-infused broths the new tea?! Although nothing can truly compete with a nourishing cup of herbal tea, an herbal-infused broth is a tasty alternative way to enjoy your herbs and add a nutritious boost to your meals all year long. Herbal-infused broths can be incorporated into soups and other dishes or enjoyed on their…

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  ON January 08,2015

How to Make Bone Broth

Post by Ellen Demotses, aromatherapist, TCM and Western herbalist. She is a member of the American Botanical Council and the American Herbalists Guild and is developing a natural skincare line. Everything that’s old is new, and everything that’s new is old. – Stephanie Mills  Bone broth is everywhere. Recipes, articles and “brothals” have emerged across…

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Waning Moon Herbal Mix For Deep Nourishment by Herbal Academy
  ON December 26,2023

Waning Moon Herbal Mix For Deep Nourishment

When you observe the flow of your energy cycles during any given month you may notice that your energy ebbs and flows. Sometimes you need to hang out in an eddy; other times you are flowing forward at full force. During any lunar cycle, we tend to have times of heightened creativity, activity, and extroversion…

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  ON July 28,2023

Vegan Herbalism: How to Find Alternatives to Honey, Beeswax, and More

From infusions to tinctures, salves, syrups, electuaries, fire ciders, and more, there’s no shortage of accessible herbal preparations to integrate into daily life. For those who adhere to a vegan lifestyle, the practice of vegan herbalism means understanding the options for animal-free ingredients to use in common herbal preparations.  A vegan lifestyle is one that…

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  ON July 04,2023

9 BIPOC-Owned Herb Shops to Support

We herbalists know that curating our home herbal supply is a labor of love that doesn’t exactly happen overnight. It takes time to line our cabinets with plants and products, whether homegrown, foraged, made, or gifted. And oh, how sweet it is to take our time with the plants! While there are many places you…

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  ON January 20,2023

Starting Herbs From Seed

Have you ever wanted to start growing herbs from seed? We are delighted to share our friend Richo Cech’s new book, Growing Plant Medicine: The Medicinal Herb Grower, Volume 1, with you today to give you some base knowledge for starting herbs from seed for your herbal garden. In this book, you’ll discover theory and…

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  ON December 09,2022

Herbal Support for Pregnancy Nausea

Pregnancy-related nausea and vomiting can affect up to 85% of pregnancies to varying degrees. Although a small amount of people do experience pregnancy nausea during their entire pregnancy (as in hyperemesis gravidarum), it normally starts around 4 to 9 weeks and usually subsides by 12 to 16 weeks (Romm, 2014). There are different theories as…

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