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  ON March 12,2022

Agni: Understanding the Digestive Fire

Digestive fire or digestive strength is discussed with some frequency across different herbalism and wellness traditions. However, oftentimes we don’t take the time to really break down our understanding of what is meant by digestive fire. Ayurveda has a unique, well-articulated, and beautifully poetic model for understanding digestive wellness. In Ayurveda, one’s agni (digestive fire)…

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Homemade Butter with Lavender, Cardamom, and Fresh Flowers by Herbal Academy
  ON May 13,2024

Homemade Butter with Lavender, Cardamom, and Fresh Flowers

As we progress into spring and colorful, eye-popping buds open into bloom, you may be inspired to find more ways to incorporate edible flowers into your herbal preparations and culinary creations. Be it sweet or savory dishes, spreads, jams, or chutneys, edible flowers add color, flavor, and wellness benefits to everyday food items. Have you…

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New Moon Herbal Mix Recipe for New Beginnings | Herbal Academy | This article will discuss the energy of the New Moon and how to support yourself with herbs during this internal time in the lunar cycle.
  ON September 20,2023

New Moon Herbal Mix Recipe for New Beginnings

The New Moon, the time in which the moon is occluded from our earthly vision due to its position in the sky between the Sun and Earth, is commonly understood as a time for new beginnings. If the Full Moon is a time for fruition and manifestation, the New Moon is the time to light…

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  ON July 11,2023

The Three Aspects of Taste in Ayurveda

In our new Ayurveda and Digestive Health Intensive in The Herbarium, Ayurvedic practitioner and Certified Iyengar Yoga teacher Greta Kent-Stoll, delves into the foundational concepts of ayurvedic eating, such as the six tastes, and the role that each of the three doshas plays in digestive health. You will learn how to recognize vata-, pitta-, or kapha-type digestive…

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  ON May 19,2023

Homemade Crackers With Scallions and Black Mustard Seeds

Until a couple of months ago, I never thought to make homemade crackers. Crackers were one of those things that I only enjoyed when store-bought. However, making crackers in your own kitchen is surprisingly easy and fun—also, you can get creative with the ingredients and you always know exactly what goes into your savory snacks….

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  ON January 12,2023

To Tonify or Purify? That Is the Question

As we bid ado to the year gone by and welcome a fresh new turn of the calendar, it is not uncommon to crave practices that create a sense of clarity and renewal. After holiday feasts and merriment, you may yearn for simpler foods or wonder if it’s time for a cleanse. However, with the…

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  ON December 27,2022

Herbal Academy Student Feature: Sarah Jaroch (@evidence_of_providence)

For this Student Feature, we interviewed Sarah Jaroch (@evidence_of_providence), owner of Yarrow Creative Copy, where she works as a copywriter for herbalists and as an online marketer to help herbal businesses grow and succeed. Sarah has completed the Business Herbal Course.  HA: Please tell us a little bit about yourself and how you started your…

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  ON November 15,2022

Mood-Boosting Hot Cacao Recipe

The dark season is approaching, a time of inner reflection and tranquility. As the days become shorter, the decrease in daylight hours may dampen one’s mood. Especially in the months of late fall and winter, it is helpful to create rituals that promote our sense of strength and cheer. Even if it is not always…

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