ON December 10,2021

How to Make a Simple Chai Syrup

I love any opportunity to share the richness of relationships with plants and have always felt that handmade gifts are the most precious. There’s nothing like gifting friends and family your time and energy, packaged up, with handwritten labels, just brimming with love. This is why for Christmas this year I am offering a little…

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  ON October 25,2021

How to Make Rosehip Syrup

Rose hips are my favorite herbal ally to call on when making a syrup. The constituency profile and energetics of rose hips mesh so well with preservation and delivery by syrup. Let’s look at what makes rose hips the perfect ally for syrup making, and some of the reasons we might make an herbal syrup….

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California Poppy Benefits + Recipe | Herbal Academy | Learn a materia medica on the beneficial California poppy benefits, plus a recipe for California Poppy Vinegar.
  ON April 29,2021

California Poppy Benefits + Recipe

California poppy (Eschscholzia californica), the state flower of California, is a beautiful wildflower that has been an ally to western-dwelling Indigenous peoples for long before there was a United States, let alone a United States Pharmacopeia. In this post, I will share with you a materia medica on the beneficial California poppy benefits, which should…

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