Herbal Myths, Lore, and Legends | Herbal Academy | Here's an introduction to some of our favorite herbal myths, lore, and legends. Learn the legends of 7 herbs from cultures around the world!
  ON May 19,2017

Herbal Myths, Lore, And Legends: Lady’s Mantle, Mint, Fennel, Mandrake, Elder, Thistle, and Belladonna

Every culture offers myths, legends, and folklore to justify some event, instruct us on proper behavior, or issue horrible warnings if a person breaks the rules of proper behavior. Myths are generally about the gods, e.g., Zeus, and are usually a symbolic account of what happened rather than factual. Folklore sometimes has mythical creatures like…

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How To Make Dandelion and Fennel Kombucha | Herbal Academy | Kombucha is easy to make at home and you can flavor it to your own liking. Give this dandelion and fennel kombucha a try!
  ON June 08,2016

How To Make Dandelion and Fennel Kombucha

You may have heard about kombucha in recent years as this fermented drink has become quite popular. What you may not know, however, is how easy it is to make at home. The best part is that you can flavor kombucha to your own liking (or not flavor it at all), and you will know…

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benefits of fennel
  ON March 18,2014

Benefits of Fennel: Relief for You-Know-What

It happens to all of us. That moment, usually not long after eating, when we realize that we have gas. Whether during a business lunch, a mid-afternoon meeting, or even—gasp—toward the end of a promising first date, having flatulence never fails to be embarrassing. At least, it’s embarrassing whenever we’re enjoying the politeness of good…

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