The Comfrey Controversy: Can And Should One Use Comfrey Internally? | Herbal Academy | Should you use comfrey internally? This article will explore the benefits, traditional uses, and safety of comfrey to answer this commonly debated question.
  ON August 12,2019

The Comfrey Controversy: Can And Should One Use Comfrey Internally?

Can and should one use comfrey (Symphytum spp.) internally?  This is a question that herbalists have been debating since safety concerns were first brought to light regarding the potentially negative health effects associated with using comfrey internally. While many herbalists have used comfrey internally for years with no known problems, others are heeding the warnings…

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11 Herbs of King Arthur's England | Herbal Academy | Do you know herbs were used everyday during the time of King Arthur? Here are 11 Arthurian herbs still found today in the garden of Glastonbury, England!
  ON August 24,2017

11 Herbs of King Arthur’s England

In southwest England, in Somerset, sits the town of Glastonbury, a quaint historical town that has been inhabited since 7th millennium BCE (Glastonbury, n.d.). This area has always felt magical to many people as it’s thought by some to be the location of the magical island of Avalon from the famous King Arthur tale that…

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  ON February 09,2015

Comfrey Uses and Remedies

I started growing comfrey a couple of years ago, but my reasons were NOT strictly altruistic. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of my herbs, but I particularly love perennial herbs like comfrey that are well suited to a pot and can be brought indoors during our cold Kansas winter. There is Comfort in…

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