Entrepreneur Herbal Course Student Transfer

Entrepreneur Herbal Course Student Transfer

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Are you currently enrolled in the Entrepreneur Herbal Course—either taking your studies now or already graduated from class? If your account is paid in full or your payment plan is active and in good standing, you have the option to transfer your course access to our new Business Herbal Course which was released on August 10, 2021 for pre-enrollment with access to the course offered beginning September 20, 2021.

Please read through these details carefully, because transferring your account cannot be undone.

How the transfer works:

  1. The administrative transfer fee is currently being offered at a flat rate of $100—far less than the difference between the Entrepreneur Herbal Course and Business Herbal Course tuition rates (roughly 87% off). You will get complete access to the new program, which we’ve estimated to be 150 hours (compared to the 75 hours awarded with the Entrepreneur Herbal Course) AND Lifetime Access* to enjoy the offering.
  2. Your transfer purchase cannot be undone and cannot be refunded. Absolutely no exceptions.
  3. With your purchase of the transfer, your course featured in your Student Dashboard will be replaced by the updated program. You will lose access to your Entrepreneur Herbal Course and quizzes immediately after you make your transfer. If you want to complete your Entrepreneur Herbal Course, please do so prior to transferring.
  4. You will get access to the new course immediately upon its release. 
  5. Keep in mind, the course structure has changed including the addition of a unit, so you will begin your studies from the very beginning of class. Bonus: you get Lifetime Access with your transfer! Just click “Start Course” when you would like to begin!
  6. If you graduated from the Entrepreneur Herbal Course already, your certificate will stay in place. You will get an opportunity to earn a Business Herbal Course certificate with your completion.
  7. Transfer your account now with this one-time administrative fee. Choose to also place an order for our new companion offering, the Business Planning Guidebook, a botanically infused, hardcover-bound roadmap that will coach you through launching your very own herbal business, from valuable tools for building your vision all the way to creating a functional business plan!

Upgrade Not Available

This upgrade option is only available to purchase by students currently enrolled in the "Entrepreneur Herbal Course" course. Please log in to your account if you are a student of this course interested in upgrading your program, and ensure that you have no failed or pending payments in your current payment plans.


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If you place the Business Planning Guidebook order with your transfer, you will get a notification by email with a tracking code once your package is shipped.

* Lifetime Access is access to the course that you purchased for as long as the particular course is offered by the Herbal Academy. View Terms & Conditions for more detail.

Business Herbal Course Transfer FAQ: 

What is the price of the New Business Herbal Course?
The Business Herbal Course is $799.

What is the transfer fee for Entrepreneur Herbal Course students to move into the Business Herbal Course?
The cost to transfer is a one time $100 administrative fee to move from your Entrepreneur Herbal Course to the fresh Business Herbal Course.

This administrative fee matches our previous 6 month extension fee and Lifetime Access upgrade fee, but instead of a course extension, you will get Lifetime Access to the NEW program— access begins only when you click the “Start Course” Button.

What will be different between the Entrepreneur Herbal Course and Business Herbal Course?
A lot is changing, so much so that we are planning a completely new format including the addition of an entire new unit. You will see updated and additional media, videos, imagery, and exercises along with new lessons and expanded lessons. You will hear from dozens of successful entrepreneurs, brands similar to the Herbal Academy, and numerous student graduates who’ve opened their own businesses!

Over 25 interviews and featured expertise by successful brands of all sizes including established powerhouses Mountain Rose Herbs, Frontier Co-Op, and Urban Moonshine, friends in the publishing world such as Simply Living Well and Nerdy Farm Wife, longtime partners like the reputable Ultimate Bundles, Herbal Academy alumni featured brands such as The Herbal Scoop, Herbal Entrepreneur Conference, Grow Forage Cook Ferment, herbal entrepreneurs Veladya Chapman, Farai Harreld, and Kathi Langelier, and so, so many more!

The Business Herbal Course will have 7 Units instead of 6 Units. While a lot is added to the course, we will also remove 9 Lessons (reserved exclusively to the Advanced Herbal Course) that no longer fit with the new layout and course goals. 

I am enrolled in the Advanced Herbal Course, and plan to use the discount offered to take the Entrepreneur Herbal Course. Will that still work?
Registration for the Entrepreneur Herbal Course closed permanently on June 11, 2021. For any Advanced Herbal Course students registered prior to June 12, 2021, we will honor the discount to be applied during registration to the new Business Herbal Course through the end of 2021. You must contact our team for this enrollment request.

At the end of 2021, the discount code for Advanced Herbal Course students registering for the Business Herbal Course will be restructured. Unlike the Entrepreneur Herbal Course, the new course will no longer have 9 Lessons from the Advanced Herbal Course. Any subjects that may have some crossover between these programs will be updated with our new release.

I’d like to transfer, but does that mean I will lose my other Entrepreneur Herbal Course and certificate?
Once you transfer, you will find the Entrepreneur Herbal Course is replaced by the Business Herbal Course in your Student Dashboard. And so, if you wish to complete your Entrepreneur Herbal Course, please do so prior to transferring. If you have completed the Entrepreneur Herbal Course, your Certificate will stay in your Student Dashboard, and you will have the opportunity to earn a new Certificate if you complete the Business Herbal Course.

How long will this course take me to complete?
The Entrepreneur Herbal Course takes most students 6-8 months to complete, estimated a total of 75 hours. Students have access to the online portion of the course for 2 years.

The Business Herbal Course will *likely* take students 7-12 months to complete, with approximately 150 hours to be expected. Students have Lifetime Access with transfer to this course.

Will I receive a certificate after I complete this course?
Yes! You will receive a Business Herbal Course certificate upon successful completion of the course.


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