Business Planning Guidebook

Business Planning Guidebook


Solidify your herbal business vision with this beautiful and easy-to-use guidebook and planning journal. A companion to the Business Herbal Course, the 160-page, full-color Business Planning Guidebook will help clarify your vision and mission, assemble the building blocks of your herbal business plan, and bring you from idea to market, reflecting on all the important details along the way: budgeting, marketing, networking, continuing education, and so much more! 

As a companion to the Business Herbal Course, the Business Planning Guidebook is complete with reflections, activities, and exercises drawn from the course material and organized into a convenient and inspiring guidebook. With the Business Planning Guidebook in hand, you’ll be well on your way to formulating your business goals, outlining key plans, and taking action steps toward starting your professional herbal product business, clinical practice, or educational offering. Get motivated to brainstorm, hone in on your vision, and take tangible steps toward building your dream business! 

Plenty of additional notebook pages accompany each exercise and journal prompt throughout each workbook section, giving you plenty of space to continue your thoughts in depth. At the end of the Business Planning Guidebook you’ll find an additional journaling section containing 12 monthly business planning spreads complete with a full month day calendar, and a facing page for notes, goals, and prompts for reflection.

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