Advanced Herbal Course Student Transfer

Advanced Herbal Course Student Transfer

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Are you currently enrolled in the Advanced Herbal Course—either taking your studies now or already graduated from class? If your account is paid in full or your payment plan is active and in good standing, you have the option to transfer your course access to our new Advanced Herbal Course AND Clinical Skills Herbal Course released on May 31, 2024.

Transfer now and get over 75% off the course transfer fee and an exciting opportunity to order our brand new 4-book Advanced and Clinical Skills Herbal Course textbook set with your course enrollment!

Transfers cannot be undone so read through these details carefully.

How the transfer works:

  1. With an update to course pricing in place at $948 from the original Advanced Herbal Course V1, our transfer fee is currently being offered at a flat rate of $225—more than 75% off the difference between our original course and new course tuition rates. With all the updates to class, this is a very fair arrangement for our students to get full access to the new programs AND Lifetime Access* to the course while still covering our costs.
  2. Your transfer purchase cannot be undone and cannot be refunded. Absolutely no exceptions.
  3. With your purchase of the transfer, your course featured in your Student Dashboard will be replaced by the updated two programs: Advanced Herbal Course and Clinical Skills Herbal Course. You will lose access to the Advanced Herbal Course V1 and quizzes immediately after you make your transfer.
  4. The new Advanced Herbal Course and Clinical Skills Herbal Course will appear in your Student Dashboard immediately when the courses officially open.
  5. Keep in mind, there are many changes to the course structure including splitting off all the clinical-specific topics into the new program, the Clinical Skills Herbal Course, so you will begin your studies from the very beginning of class. Bonus: you get Lifetime Access with your transfer enrollment! Just click “Start Course” when you would like to begin!
  6. If you graduated from your class already, your certificate will stay in place. You will get an opportunity to earn a second (and third!) certificate with your completion.
  7. TEXTBOOK BONUS! Choose to add on our newly offered 4-Textbook Set of Advanced and Clinical Skills Herbal Courses in printed form!

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This upgrade option is only available to purchase by students currently enrolled in the "Advanced Herbal Course V1" course. Please log in to your account if you are a student of this course interested in upgrading your program, and ensure that you have no failed or pending payments in your current payment plans.


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Since the initial release of the Advanced Herbal Course V1 in 2015, the program received several complimentary updates over the past 9 years to always ensure the most up-to-date curriculum. However, we desired to enrich the course with even more interactive opportunities, exercises, case studies, additional lessons, an abundance of new videos – but just as importantly, a new course flow to present the advanced-level foundational education separate from clinical-focused education. To achieve our ideal vision for advanced-level online learning, we realized that mere updates to the course wouldn’t suffice – we sought transformation! 

The original Advanced Herbal Course V1 has been discontinued. It’s been carefully reviewed, refined, and beautifully expanded with the most up-to-date research and the additional clinical insights and experiences by our knowledgeable team of herbalists. One program has become two, and you’re invited to join us in both courses with your transfer, learning from over 60 world-class herbalists presenting the newly released Advanced Herbal Course and Clinical Skills Herbal Course! 

View the new comprehensive course outline here!

The expansion and restructure includes 115 meticulously updated and expanded monographs, over 70 graphics redesigned and expanded with new information, 77 new graphics, 24 new recipes infused within the lessons, and 87 new videos, including 10 new video case studies. The course expansion splits one course into two and adds 100 educational hours to the learning experience. All lessons have been updated and expanded, and you will also find several brand new lessons added. Here’s a breakdown of what you can look forward to with transfer: 

NEW Lessons in the Advanced Herbal Course:

  • Preparations and Practices for Nurturing the Spirit
  • General Care of the Blood and Lymph
  • Therapeutics for Common Conditions of the Blood and Lymph
  • General Care of the Mucous Membranes
  • Therapeutics for Common Mucous Membrane Conditions
  • Blood Sugar Dysregulation and Diabetes 
  • Reproductive and Sexual Hormone Imbalance
  • Fertility Awareness and Preconception Care
  • Fertility Challenges
  • Pregnancy and Pregnancy Loss, Birth, Postpartum, and Infant Care
  • Puberty and Adolescence 
  • Common Childhood Conditions
  • Strengthening the Heart
  • Digestion as the Foundation of Health (including therapeutics for several GI disorders not covered in the Advanced Herbal Course V1) 
  • Herbal Support for Food Sensitivities

Inlcuding 10 NEW Case Study (CS) Video Lessons:

  • Anemia CS with Dr. D Van Der Heyde
  • Thyroid CS with Pamela Spence, MNIMH
  • Endocrine System CS with Alison Birks, RH(AHG)
  • Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) CS with Shona R. MacDougall, RH(AHG)
  • ADHD CS with Pamela Spence, MNIMH
  • Eczema in Children CS with Pamela Spence, MNIMH
  • Rheumatoid arthritis CS with Shona R. MacDougall, RH(AHG)
  • Parkinson’s disease CS with Erika Galentin, MNIMH, RH(AHG)
  • Diverticulitis CS with Sarah Tewhey, L.Ac
  • Digestive System CS with Shona R. MacDougall, RH(AHG)

NEW Lessons in the Clinical Herbal Skills Course:

  • Conducting a Clinical Herbal Intake 
  • Advanced Formulation Lesson 
  • Writing up a Case Study 
  • Marketing Your Clinical Practice 
  • Creating an Apothecary for Clinical Practice 
  • Self Care for the Clinical Herbalist

To achieve our ideal vision of adding even more interactive opportunities to our advanced-level online learning, you’ll now find over 100 videos infused into course materials and expansive exploratory exercises throughout the lessons!

View the new comprehensive course outline here!

Writing copy Herbal Academy clinical intakeNo matter where you are at in your Advanced Herbal Course (even if you’ve graduated), we’ve worked out a transfer option to help you move into the fully overhauled Advanced Herbal Course and Clinical Skills Herbal Course, should you choose. 

Tuition into these newly formed courses has been increased to $2,497 to reflect the massive expansion of course curriculum and structure. This is a $948 tuition increase from your original Advanced Herbal Course V1. But we don’t require you to pay $2,497 to enroll – or even $948 to cover the tuition increase. 

In fact, we’re offering 75% off the price difference as a one-time transfer fee that’s one payment of $225. With all the updates to class, this is an extremely favorable arrangement for currently enrolled Advanced Course V1 students to gain full Lifetime Access to the two new programs at a fraction of the true differential cost that reflects the value and development costs of this extensively expanded offering.

Herbal Academy freshly released Advanced Herbal Course

New Course Feature
Exclusive Textbook Set Opportunity!

Along with our newly re-vamped course, we are taking this opportunity to also respond to our students’ popular request by offering our Print Version of both programs, a complete set of four textbooks. The Clinical Skills Herbal Course textbook includes the entire course word-for-word in printed course form minus the course videos. The Advanced Herbal Course textbooks include the entire course curriculum in ever-so-slightly abridged form (minus the course videos) in order to fit the course into a 3-book textbook set. Our textbook opportunity is limited and exclusive to students of the new version of class! Choose to add these beautiful textbooks to your transfer if you’d like!

Advanced Herbal Course and Clinical Skills Herbal Course - are here!


Scroll to the top of this page and read through the transfer process to see if this optional transfer option is a good fit for you. 


If you place a textbook order with your transfer, you will get a notification by email with a tracking code once your package is shipped.

* Lifetime Access is access to the course that you purchased for as long as the particular course is offered by the Herbal Academy. View Terms & Conditions for more detail.


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