Botanical Mixed Drinks Workshop
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Botanical Mixed Drinks Workshop


Did you know that many of your herbal elixirs can double as incredible cocktail and mocktail ingredients? Bitters, herbal sugars and syrups, infused honeys, botanical vinegars, and even tinctures have all starred in seasonal mixed drinks for centuries. In fact, many high-end restaurants have infusions behind the bar that you would otherwise expect to see at an herbalist’s home!

You do not need to drink alcohol to enjoy the recipes and techniques shared in this laidback workshop – each recipe includes non-alcoholic alternative ingredients!

In this self-paced, online workshop you will learn everything you need to know to start making flavorful herbal drinks at home using ingredients and supplies that you likely already have in your pantry. You’ll explore the anatomy of a well-made mixed drink, discover easy ways to transform a cocktail into a mocktail for those times when you want to avoid alcohol, and learn how to create a well-stocked bar with basic supplies and herb-infused essentials like Honeysuckle Liqueur, Wild Vermouth, Hibiscus Syrup, and Orange Bitters.

With informative videos, beautiful graphics, and downloadable charts, you’ll be set for success as you learn our 14 favorite botanicals to use in drinks – and how to prepare them for the best results. We’ll send you off with a final toast featuring 13 unique herbal cocktail recipes, including Flora Forager Collins, Violet Fizz, Bloody Rosemary, and more. Upgrade your enrollment with our 6.3-x-8-inch spiral-bound Botanical Mixed Drinks Recipe Booklet, featuring beautifully designed, printed recipes for each drink in the course, informational charts, and blank recipe cards to help you formulate your own mixed drink recipes!

It’s officially happy hour at the Herbal Academy, and we’ll be serving lots of delicious botanical drinks in this kitchen-ready workshop. Don’t forget, it’s BYOB (bring your own bitters)!

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Join us as we infuse, shake, stir, and sip our way to sprucing up bare-bones drinks into something more tasty, aromatic, and pleasing to the senses! Whether you’re whipping up a pre-dinner aperitif or serving drinks to guests at a holiday party, there’s more to creating a botanical mixed drink than simply adding a few leaves or flowers to the glass.

Botanical Mixed Drinks Workshop by Herbal Academy- making herbal cocktails and mocktailsBotanicals can be infused into every element of a cocktail or mocktail, allowing you to create unique, delicious drinks to sip and savor with friends and family. 

The Botanical Mixed Drinks Workshop will walk you through the process of creating your own botanical mixed drinks from start to finish, whether it’s including your favorite herb-infused alcohol as the foundation, fine-tuning the flavor with an herbaceous condiment, or giving it a final flare with a floral garnish. You don’t even need to drink alcohol to enjoy the recipes and techniques that we are concocting in this workshop. Each cocktail recipe includes non-alcoholic alternative ingredients to make a mocktail version—for example, replacing violet-infused vodka with violet tea—to ensure the drink’s balance, herbal properties, and flavor remain impeccable whether or not you include alcohol.

If you’re ready to give your mixed drinks a botanical edge by adding fragrant, flavorful herbs to each glass, then join us as we cheers to this creative, hands-on workshop.

Botanical Mixed Drinks Workshop by Herbal Academy
Botanical Mixed Drinks Workshop by Herbal Academy
Botanical Mixed Drinks Workshop by Herbal Academy- making herbal cocktails and mocktails

Mixed drinks aren’t simply for covering up strong or bitter-tasting herbs these days. Today, creating botanically infused mixed drinks is quite an art form—one that can showcase your love and knowledge of plants.

As you learn how to elevate basic mixed drinks with flavorful, colorful botanicals, a whole world of possibilities will open before you, hopefully, causing you to fall in love with the creative sphere of botanical mixology. Before you realize it, you will be thinking of ways to incorporate plants into all of your drinks—those enjoyed regularly and for special occasions.

Botanical Mixed Drinks Recipe Booklet


This beautifully designed Botanical Mixed Drinks Recipe Booklet is the ideal bar companion, keeping your favorite botanical cocktail and mocktail recipes right at your fingertips all year long. The next time you want to shake up a special herbal drink for friends or family, you can be confident that you have everything you need in your fully stocked bar—recipes included!

This compact 6-by-8-inch spiral-bound mixed drinks recipe booklet features hand-drawn illustrations and is pretty enough to display at the forefront of your bar! Inside you will find helpful information and charts from the Botanical Mixed Drinks Workshop along with 13 taste-tested recipes to help get you started mixing, shaking, and stirring your way to becoming a botanical mixologist from the comfort of home.

You will also find 21 blank recipe cards, each with a different design, that you can use to jot down your very own botanical mixed drink recipes. Keep them all inside of this handy booklet, or tear them out along their perforated pages and store them in a lovely recipe box on your bartop. You can even share your botanical mixed drink recipes with a friend or two when they ask you for them—sending the recipe home with them on one of these lovely little recipe cards.


Herbalists throw the best parties! And they know that botanical drinks are a fantastic way to replace sugary, store-bought beverages with delightful, homemade, herb-infused alternatives for guests of all ages. This workshop will provide a basic overview of creating your own botanical cocktails and mocktails that you can serve to guests or sip solo.

Botanical Mixed Drinks Workshop by Herbal Academy- herbal cocktails

In this lesson, you will learn how mixed drinks have been used in past and present celebrations, as well as how to approach alcohol use responsibly. We will also cover the basic supplies you’ll need to make your own mixed drinks at homefrom kitchen and apothecary equipment to glassware and food ingredients. We will also unfold the main elements needed for a well-rounded mixed drink and introduce you to 14 common botanicals that will infuse your beverages with flavor and wellness benefits.

Botanical Mixed Drinks Workshop by Herbal Academy- herbal cocktails

The basis of a botanically infused mixed drink comes down to incorporating flavorful and aromatic plants into foundational preparations, which are then layered together to craft a delightful and enjoyable beverage. In this lesson, we will discuss the basic botanical preparations you will need to have on hand to create botanical mixed drinks at home, including herb-infused alcohols, sugars, salts, syrups, vinegars, and more. Not only will you learn why these elements are needed in a mixed drink, but you will also learn how to make them. We’re including several foundational recipes so you’ll be ready to shake and stir up some mixed drink recipes in the kitchen as soon as possible. You can even watch as herbalist Meagan Visser walks you through a few videos showing you how to make some of these foundational preparations, including how to make your own herbal salts and sugars for rimming glasses, how to make herbal bitters to finish each drink with an herbal flair, and how to create delicious syrups to add an extra botanical pop to your drinks. 

Botanical Mixed Drinks Workshop by Herbal Academy- elderflower cocktails

While we encourage you to experiment with different combinations of botanicals and ingredients to create your own botanical mixed drinks, it can be helpful to start with some tried-and-true mixed drink recipes as you’re settling into the process. In this lesson, we share 13 botanical mixed drink recipes that you can make and enjoy right away, including a High-C Toddy with rosehip and sumac syrups, a Southwest Sundowner with lavender-infused gin, a Savory Switchel with thyme-infused vodka, and more. These recipes are exclusive to this workshop and are not included in other Herbal Academy courses, intensives, or blog posts. With an assortment of mixed drink recipes, you will find something for every celebration throughout the year as well as something your friends and family are sure to enjoy. 

How the Workshop works:

The Botanical Mixed Drinks Workshop is a 3-part series designed for you to complete over a 2-3 day period, such as a weekend. You will get immediate access to the workshop with your registration. Begin when you wish (this workshop officially “opens” on July 5, 2022), and get access for 6 months after starting the course. 

  1. This is a seasonal offering, so sign yourself up for the Botanical Mixed Drinks Workshop while it’s “In Stock” to gain access!
  2. You will get immediate access to the Botanical Mixed Drinks Workshop, but begin only when it’s convenient for you! Click the “Start Course” button on this program to trigger your 6 month expiration. 
  3. PDFs of the workshop text, charts, and video transcripts can be downloaded to keep on hand for your continued reference.
  4. Once you complete the Botanical Mixed Drinks Workshop, you will gain a badge of completion in your Student Dashboard.

Grow your botanical creativity, expand your knowledge, and toast with friends and family as you learn how to create your own herb-infused mixed drinks inside the Botanical Mixed Drinks Workshop. Cheers!
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