Thank An Herbalist Day
13 Apr 2016

Celebrate Herbalist Day by Honoring Your Teachers – FREE card downloads!

Herbalists are known for generously sharing knowledge about herbalism with those around them, helping to empower others to tend to their own wellness. From the seemingly small actions of showing someone how to brew a cup of tea or make a comforting herbal bath to more formal instruction of students in a classroom or writing an informative book, herbalists teach those around them everyday how to use and enjoy herbs.

Every herbalist is a teacher sharing their passion with others while inspiring learning, invigorating well-being, and fostering an appreciation of nature. Herbalists teach folks the fine art of self-care. They share the beauty and strength of the natural world. And often herbalists help create the very spark that inspires others toward their own journey in herbalism. What a gift these teachers are!

Thank An Herbalist Day, coming up on April 17th, is the perfect opportunity to reach out to thank an herbalist who has assisted, taught, or inspired you in some way! In celebration of Herbalist Day we are offering a wonderful discount of 15% off our online herbal courses as well as The Herbarium membership! Simply use the coupon code HERBALIST15 when you register for class (details below).

Thank An Herbalist Day

Join Us in Appreciating Herbalists!

If you feel inspired, on April 17th share a little gesture of appreciation for the inspiring words, actions, and lessons of herbalists who have touched your life. Maybe an herbalist once helped you in a moment of need. Perhaps their influence set your feet down upon your own herbal path. Or they shared an inspiration with you about plants that sparked an “ah-ha!” moment!

In life we are all teachers through our interactions, communications, and sharing with one another. Herbalists, be they the wise elder under whom we studied or the student herbalist full of enthusiasm and knowledge, teach each other as well as people in their communities each and every day. Every herbalist is a teacher and it is with deep gratitude that we here at the Academy thank all of the teachers in our lives. As you read this do any particular herbalists or lessons learned come to mind? If so, why not take a moment to reach out, extending the gift of gratitude for what that person has shared with you? It means so much!

Free Graphics and Thank You Cards

Please enjoy these thank you cards! Download and print the PDF cards to share a special gesture of appreciation with an herbalist. Or grab an image below to share via email or Facebook!

Free Thank you Cards for Happy Thank an Herbalist Day card by Herbal Academy - Rosemary for remembranceFREE Happy Thank an Herbalist Day card by Herbal Academy - Angelica for InspirationFREE Happy Thank an Herbalist Day card by Herbal Academy - CommunityFREE Happy Thank an Herbalist Day card by Herbal Academy - parsley for gratitude

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Free Thank You Cards for Thank an Herbalist Day

Download & Enjoy Thank An Herbalist Day Cards!

A Beautiful Community

Inasmuch as every herbalist is a teacher, every herbalist is also a student. As herbalists we are all constantly learning from the wonderful folks within our herbal communities. As a community the sharing of personal wisdom, unique viewpoints, and heartfelt inspirations with one another helps us all to grow as herbalists, to learn more, and become better at what we do.

And it is important to remember that no matter how new (or established) you are to the craft of herbalism, as herbalists we all have something unique to impart and something special to teach. If we honor that special spark we each bring to the table, we can all learn.

Herbalism needs your unique voice and your unique story… Dig down deep and plant yourself so that you can be a flower that brings joy, a vine that holds fast to your truth, or a tree that shelters those that rest beneath.
– Agatha Noveille, Herbal Academy Associate Educator and author of
The Indie Herbal

Thank An Herbalist Day

A Special Thank You From The Academy

We want to honor all of you! Here at The Herbal Academy we learn from our students too, and we couldn’t be more grateful for every single person who walks the sweet herbal road with us. Along the way we have learned and continue to learn so much from each of you: our students, our readers, and indeed our teachers. As a special thank you, we are offering all of our courses and The Herbarium memberships at a 15% discount! If you have been considering starting or continuing your studies with us, this is a wonderful time to get started.

Through April 17th, enjoy 15% off all online courses and Herbarium memberships with the code HERBALIST15.

Use coupon code HERBALIST15 for 15% off your registration! Coupon applies to all courses, Herbalist Path Packages, and The Herbarium membership program: Online Introductory Herbal CourseOnline Intermediate Herbal CourseOnline Entrepreneur Herbal CourseOnline Advanced Herbal Course, The Herbarium Membership.

Use Coupon code- HERBALIST15 -- Thank an Herbalist Day Sale on Herbal Courses - Herbal Academy

If you are a beginner, the Online Introductory Herbal Course is a good place to start your herbal journey. This program starts with the basics of medicine making and wildcrafting, anatomy, introduces you to many many plants, covers common discomforts for adults and children, and discusses the overarching holistic approach of herbalism. 

The Online Intermediate Herbal Course reviews basic concepts in the first unit and then dives in deeper, working through each body system and discussing the herbs; their actions and energetics; their safety and side effects; in-depth coverage of anatomy and physiology; and guidance for herbal formulation. 

The Online Entrepreneur Herbal Course is geared towards folks who want to make and sell their own herbal products – with lessons on sourcing herbs, Good Manufacturing Practices, labeling requirements, and creating a brand, among many others. 

And finally the Online Advanced Herbal Course is much more in-depth and is geared towards those interested in becoming a clinical herbalist! It’s the next step from the Intermediate Herbal Course, diving into the body systems that weren’t covered before (blood/mucous membranes/lymph; endocrine system; and musculoskeletal system) as well as looking at wellness through the lens of male, female, youth, and elderly – both in terms of maintaining balance and correcting symptoms of imbalance. Not to mention an entire unit on herbal wisdom traditions and history (including great lessons on Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine written by Anne McIntyre and Steve Kippax, respectively) to get you grounded in the herbal traditions that have influenced modern herbalism. We also cover many topics relevant to the practice of clinical herbalism, from assessment techniques to philosophy of healing to client-practitioner relationships. 

Learn more about all of the Herbal Academy programs here.

The 15% off sale runs now through April 17th!



Noveille, Agatha. (2106). The Indie Herbal Leaflet. Vol. 1. Georgia. The Independent Herbalist.

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