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Angela’s journey into herbalism began, as it does for many, at a young age. Happy times in the garden and beautiful Rocky Mountains provided magical inspiration and comfort. Then as a teenager Angela found her way back to the natural world when she read an article by Rosemary Gladstar about creating herbal body care. The amazement that plants could be used in such a way was transforming. She began playing with making her own herbal body care and using it to help create health for herself and friends.
In college, Angela majored in Biology with an emphasis on botany in an effort to learn as much as possible about the natural world and in particular, plants. After earning her BA in Biology from the University of Colorado she followed her heart to the The Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies where she received her training in herbalism.
Upon completing school Angela was blessed to become a mother to two beautiful children. This new adventure in motherhood opened up a whole new path in herbalism for Angela where she discovered a love for sharing herbs with children.
Angela became an herbal and science teacher at a lovely little preschool. Here she has the opportunity to share her passion for children, plants and healthy, inspired living through the creation of innovative, fun activities for children to learn about herbalism, science and the world around them. Her projects are designed to engage all of a child’s senses and inspire them to ask questions. Often her classes have an element of crafting that brings out the creative artist in kids facilitating self-expression, learning and increasing confidence.
Angela shares her preschool and mothering adventures including fun herbal craft and science ideas for working (playing) with children at She is also a contributing author for Natural Herbal Living Magazine.