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  ON August 26,2015

FREE Course: The 4 Essential Habits of Healthy Families

Do you worry about the health and wellness of your family? That’s a pretty natural concern! As plant enthusiasts, we strive to support our family through nourishing herbal teas, wholesome, real food recipes, and preventative natural remedies. However, as many of you have probably experienced, it can be tough to know where to find all the right information. Of…

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  ON June 12,2015

3 Old-Timey Herb Books You Can Read Online

Herbalism is seeing a revival in our times, but there is still much we can learn from herbalists who came before us. The history of herbalism goes far, far back into time with the first known reference to medicinal herbs found on clay tablets of the ancient Sumerians. Many old herbal manuscripts are preserved in libraries…

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