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  ON March 18,2019

Herbal Dreamtime: 6 Herbs To Enliven Your Dreamspace

Dreams are often synonymous with magic, personal achievement, and mystery. Although dreams are commonly disregarded, our dreams (both while awake and asleep) can serve as strong symbols and reference points for our personal journeys. For those of you who might have difficulty dreaming or remembering your dreams, there are a number of tools and herbs…

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  ON August 03,2015

7 Herbal Remedies for Better Sleep

I used to be a chronic insomniac. I spent many years experimenting with various herbal remedies – the following 7 herbs were what I found to be the most effective. Using Herbs for Better Sleep Lavender The healing effects of lavender have been documented to help everything from hair loss (alopecia) to skin irritation. However, it’s…

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  ON July 24,2013

A Simple Solution for More Rejuvenating Sleep

Since we were young we have been taught the value of getting a good night’s sleep. Sleep does everything from helping us to rejuvenate our minds to ensuring that the cells in our bodies repair themselves. But while many of us are familiar with the benefits of sleep, what if there was a way for…

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