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How To Make DIY Herbal Culinary Salts | Herbal Academy | Start stepping up the game at mealtime by making your very own DIY herbal culinary salts. They are incredibly easy to prepare and delightful to use!
  ON June 07,2018

How To Make DIY Herbal Culinary Salts

So many recipes instruct you to “add salt and pepper to taste” or “finish with a sprinkle of sea salt.” But what if we could add herbs with every finishing touch? And what if this practice made the flavor of our dishes all the more complex and delightful? Herbal culinary salts are incredibly easy to…

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5 Ways To Clean With Lemons | Herbal Academy | Do you love the fresh smell of lemons? You can have a clean, sparkling home with these 5 effective ways to clean with lemons!
  ON February 27,2018

5 Ways to Clean with Lemons

I crave the feelings of satisfaction and coziness that comes after giving my home a thorough cleaning. When the carpets look lush, the floors are shiny, and everything’s in its place, I feel peaceful and calm! And the best part? When I’ve cleaned my home the green way, with safe, natural cleaners, those feelings of…

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How to Make the Perfect Cup of Chai for Your Dosha | Herbal Academy | If you enjoy chai tea, we hope the tips you find in this article will inspire you to make the perfect cup of chai according to your Ayurvedic dosha.
  ON February 08,2018

How to Make the Perfect Cup of Chai for Your Dosha

Forget bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens—chai is one of my favorite things. For me, a great cup of chai is right up there with puppies, autumn leaves, and twinkling Christmas lights. I don’t know if it’s the perfect blend of sweet, warming spices, the creaminess of the milk, or the happy caffeine buzz…

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Video: How To Make An Herbal Honey | Herbal Academy | If you’re interested in learning how to make your own herbal honey, we’ve made a short video that will walk you through the steps to creating your very own!
  ON January 25,2018

Video: How To Make An Herbal Honey

An herbal honey is one of the tastiest herbal preparations one can make. They require little time to create, and they can be used in many different ways. Plus, they’re full of healthy benefits! An herbal honey can be made using fresh or dried herbs, but keep in mind that if you use fresh herbs,…

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