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How To Grow Culinary Herbs Indoors During The Winter | Herbal Academy | Would you like a way to grow herbs that you can enjoy all winter long? Here's a step-by-step guide to help you grow culinary herbs indoors!
  ON January 04,2018

How To Grow Culinary Herbs Indoors During Winter

As I look out at the crisp, white blanket covering what once was a thriving patio garden through July and August, I feel fortunate to have my indoor garden to keep the freshness alive in my apartment. When the days grow colder and seem increasingly short and dark, knowing how to grow culinary herbs indoors…

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7 Things to Keep in Mind When Planning Your Herb Garden | Herbal Academy | Keep these things in mind when planning your herb garden. Herb gardens are a wonderful way to use fresh herbs when cooking and making home remedies!
  ON May 26,2017

7 Things to Keep in Mind When Planning Your Herb Garden

Growing an herb garden is a wonderful way to have fresh herbs on hand for cooking, making home remedies, and enjoying nature for its bounty. If you have a large or small yard, or no yard at all, herbs are easy to grow indoors and outdoors with the right amount soil, sunshine, drainage, and attention….

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3 Easy Herbs To Grow From Seed | Herbal Academy | Are you feeling anxious to start your spring garden? We are sharing 3 easy herbs to grow from seed right now!
  ON March 29,2017

3 Easy Herbs to Grow From Seed

Tuning in to the cycle of the seasons is an integral part of wellness, as our connection to the earth roots and nourishes us in myriad ways. I revel in the cozy cocoon and silence of winter after living out loud and hot in the summer and pushing through the ramped up pace of back-to-school…

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Reflections of an Herb Gardener | Herbal Academy | Here are a few witty herb garden reflections for fellow herb gardeners, and those thinking of starting one! Be sure that you'll gain wisdom, and a few good laughs too!
  ON May 30,2016

Reflections of an Herb Gardener

To those who are afraid of starting an herb garden, don’t be. The rewards of having your own fresh herbs to use and dry, the therapy of working in the dirt, the ability to sit quietly and meditate in your own special place far outweigh the “errors in judgment” one can make. Looking back at…

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