Common Herbs to Try
8 Mar 2013

Very Common Herbs To Try

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We recently posted the article, Cup In Hand, which is an introduction to tea with a good mention of herbs. We created an infographic for you below so you can easily reference some of the very common herbs to try. Most importantly, the chart identifies the ideal herb for various conditions.

very common herbs to try

How to make tea with herbs:

Start by selecting the herbs that you wish to use and decide on what method you wish to employ. Dried herbs can be bundled in a bit of cheese cloth tied with a string or spooned into a paper or cloth tea bag and placed in your pot or cup. Herbs dried or fresh can be placed loosely into the pot and strained when pouring. The amount of dried herb to water is roughly  1 oz to 2 cups water. If you are using fresh herbs depending on which herbs you are using (some are more aromatic than others) a good handful to 2 cups water. Pour boiling water over the herbs, cover and steep for amount 15-25 minutes.