12 At-Risk Plants NOT To Harvest This Year | Herbal Academy | Late spring and summer are ideal times to harvest many plants, but these 12 at-risk plants should be avoided.
  ON July 06,2018

12 At-Risk Plants NOT To Harvest This Year

Late spring and summer are ideal times for harvesting plants. This is because, by this time, most plants have developed to the point where their identifying characteristics are obvious—leaves are often fully grown, flowers have blossomed, and some plants are already forming seeds, each of which makes plant identification easier. While most in the herbal…

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Ayurvedic Tips For Spring Wellness | Herbal Academy | Do you know that by observing seasonal changes we can attain optimal wellness? Enjoy maximal spring wellness by observing these Ayurvedic tips!
  ON May 08,2018

Ayurvedic Tips For Spring Wellness

Ayurveda recognizes the cyclic nature of life. In order to achieve wellness, it is important to be tuned in to our environment as well as to be cognizant of our inherent constitution, called prakruti in Ayurveda. This article will elucidate Ayurvedic tips for spring wellness. Though our prakruti (inherent constitution) is fixed, our present nature,…

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What the Spring Equinox Means to the Herbalist | Herbal Academy | For the herbalist, the Spring Equinox is a time for new beginnings, whether with your studies, your health, or your business. Learn more in today's post!
  ON March 15,2018

What The Spring Equinox Means To The Herbalist

Have you ever wondered how our ancient ancestors kept track of time? I suppose the further back in time you go, people were more focused on survival than keeping track of the minutes. However, as people learned about the world around them and cultures began to form and progress, time became an important concept. My…

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Sweet Violets of Spring | Herbal Academy | These flowers are the perfect pick for spring gatherers. From using them in food to pressing them for note cards, we have some inspirational ideas for using and enjoying the violets of spring!
  ON April 10,2017

Sweet Violets of Spring

I’m sitting here, looking out the office window over the snow-covered hills and sniffing a wee bottle of violet leaf absolute that arrived a couple months ago in an extravagant birthday basket. It is hard to describe, but Marge Clark of Nature’s Gift has this to say about it: “Intensely green initially, this absolute has…

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Three Herbs To Support Digestion After A Long Winter | Herbal Academy | Is your body in need of a jump start after a long winter? Here are three herbs to support digestion and give your body the help it needs!
  ON March 13,2017

Three Herbs to Support Digestion After a Long Winter

Human beings are part of the natural environment. We pass through the same natural and seasonal cycles that affect other living beings—animals, plants, and ecosystems. This is reflected in traditional healing systems the world over. Western herbalism has a long history of practices and remedies that are determined by the season, and older systems like…

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  ON June 23,2016

How To Make Fresh Herbal Sun Tea

It’s an herbalist’s favorite time of year again. The earth has turned green and we have an abundance of plants all around us. What better way to become acquainted with your green allies than by sipping fresh herbal sun tea? Fresh plant teas produce a sparkling crisp drink that feels like sipping in the summer…

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Gift of the Earth: A Spring Poem | Herbal Academy | A spring poem to stir your heart with the gifts of the awakening earth.
  ON April 04,2016

Gift Of The Earth: A Spring Poem

As I sit, fingers lingering on the keys of my keyboard, I gaze outside. This is where the poetry grows, my fingers simply telling the beauty that nature so sweetly provides. The trees burst into the ready as they crown themselves in tethered colors of white, yellow, then green. Our rooster shouts. His juvenile crow…

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A Family Herb: Dandelion | Herbal Academy |The humble dandelion is a surprisingly beneficial plant for every member of the family. Learn how to use this plant for good health!
  ON March 09,2016

A Family Herb: Dandelion

Hillsides and fields awash with vibrant greens and yellow blooms beckon us outside to enjoy warming springtime weather. It’s here, right under our feet, that we may find one of the most treasured plants in the world of herbalism. Well-known by children and often the bane of gardeners, the humble dandelion (Taraxcum officinale) is a…

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